I wish I could care but I don’t…

… Today was Divine Mercy Sunday and I didn’t even realize it till later in the day. I mean I knew it was, it just slipped my mind. Also, some popes were canonized today and I tried to watch the coverage on EWTN but it was a JPII marathon extravaganza and I just got bored. Not that I have anything against JPII, I just wondered if they realized more than one pope was being canonized, that’s all.

Plus, I was supposed to be there and I was feeling all Rome sick and junk. Till I saw the crowds anyway. That’s when I realized I don’t like large groups of people. Or people, for that matter.

While cool looking from a distance, this aerial shot of St. Peter’s would have been a living hell to endure.

Anyway, I’m glad we have more saints in heaven to intercede for us down here. We need all the help we can get.

Speaking of needing help. I am afflicted with a severe case of acedia. I’m sure I should be worried, if I cared enough.

Today is the last day of my long, lazy ten day vacation. Wannna know what I did with all that time on my hands…

… I watched romantic comedies. My God. There are few things more toxic to the female psyche than binging on rom-coms.

My vacation wasn’t a total waste. I did manage to visit my Abuela and family in Virginia. I started that 7 minute work out, all three minutes and 12 seconds of it. I celebrated with a Klondike bar.

What? Pope Francis says don’t judge.

Since it’s Divine Mercy Sunday I felt obliged to post something pious. How very Catholic of me — obligatory piety. I’m sure Jesus is so proud of my efforts.

If you stuck around the blog this long. God love ya. I’d give you an indulgence if I had them to give.

I used to hate blogs that specialized in piety. I thought, no one is that religious all the time. And I don’t suppose anyone really is. Maybe they are trying to blog themselves out of funk, like what I am doing here. A pretense of piety is better than no piety at all, right?

Only, instead of being ashamed of myself and my spiritual apathy (like a decent Catholic would) I decided it would be prudent to throw it all out there for the world to see because it’s important to realize that everyone goes through this… and this too shall pass.

Saints John Paul II and John XXII, pray for us.

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