My message of the Spirit: The Rise of the Sacred Feminine in the Divine

by Diane Longoat

Prophets and Visionaries of our ancient civilizations have long reminded us of the ages of  Mother Earth, the three great shakings and the fourth to come and of the evolution of humanity.  Today those prophecies have largely been fulfilled that emanated from the mouths of the wisdom holders.  We find ourselves living in the fulfillment of daily prophecy.  Our prayers of gratitude and humility are essential to open doors now for the emergence of the feminine to take Her place in the restoration of balance in the universe.  The spirit of the woman is the spirit of the divine working in rhythm in the natural frequency of the Life Force on Mother Earth.  The woman is now called upon to awaken spiritually, to learn her lessons in the healing journey, to earn her sacred gifts, and to bring those gifts to the world in concert with man.  The shift in human nature is the rise of spirituality in the human being signalling an evolution of the heart, mind, spirit and body.  Both energies of male and female working in concert and perfect harmony are the harbingers of change that the world is waiting for to restore balance in all things.

 The Spirits tell us that never before in the history of humanity has there been a time such as this!  A time of evolutionary change  as we witness in each generation  the spirit grows stronger in belief in the Creator and in communication with the divine.  Our children and grandchildren are the clearest signal that times are changing. They are carrying all the Gifts of the Ancestors and will bring profound change to the world in government, law, health, education and so on.  We have the responsibility to fulfill the duties of our birth covenant with the Creator, and to create a foundation of Spirit on which our children and future generations can stand.  They will be the pillars of the lodge and our grandchildren the roof.  What do we have to teach them, to provide mentoring and role modelling, to leave as tools that they can pick up and create a stronger reality for the coming generations?

 Evo Morales said, ” So many worry about Mother Earth and the state of her well being for the future generations of children. The greater question must be, “What kind of children will we leave to Mother Earth!”

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