Our book selected as one of the top ten religion/spirituality books for 2012!

Great news!

Our book – Women Spirituality and Transformative Leadership – has been selected by the American Library Association as one of the top ten books for 2012 in the category of religion and spirituality. Congratulations to our editors Kathe Schaaf, Kay Lindahl, Dr Kathleen Hurty, and the Reverend Guo Cheen, as well as all thirty authors.




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    Wow! Congratulations on your stunning success!

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    I am a “daddy’s girl.” This means that I have a huge understanding and connection to male energy. I was raised to be a ‘helpmeet” to my man. It took me three tries to find a man with whom I could successfully partner in parenting and promoting peace.

    It seems that we have lost our ability to be grateful for the differences in the abilities and blessings of traditional women and men. Men have traditionally had more physical strength than their women, and women have traditionally had more spiritual connection than their men. It seems to me that the joining of our bodies has been the traditional way of influencing each other.

    If it hadn’t been for men codifying certain acceptable behaviors based on their religions, we would still live in a society where physical might makes right. This is no better than the conscious-less power struggles in the purely animal kingdom.

    In order to become fully human, we must learn to respect the multiplicity of gifts in humanity, rather than continue in blind jealousy and competition. We must know the differences between need and greed. We must make ourselves vulnerable to those who have different gifts than we do, in order to have them become vulnerable to us. We must also be careful not to squander our own trust and vulnerabilities on those who simply want substitute mommies on whom to blame their own failings.

    Peace and blessings.