Video: Kathe Schaaf, sacred circles and the new leadership paradigm

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Here is the first video in our four-part series. It follows Kathe Schaaf, co-founder of Women of Spirit and Faith, board member of the Council of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, mentor to dozens of women and inspiration to many more.

Raised in the Lutheran church, Kathe now considers herself a woman of spirit. Her primary spiritual practice – the circle – allows her to honor the wisdom of the Earth as well as her own divine guidance.

In this film Kathe discusses her practice of gathering with other women. She ties it to the growing global movement of feminine energy, and to a shift in the ways we use words such as “power” “leader” and “faith”. These are words that no longer refer to “us versus them” but are used in the context of “we” and “us all”.

Says Kathe: “Everyone is equal in a circle. Everyone is an expert. Everyone is a leader.”


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