When we act as the Divine Feminine…we frighten many around us

Yvette Warren was brought up in a staunchly, letter-of-the-law, pre-Vatican II, pre-human rights, pre-Vietnam southern United States Roman Catholic household, and is now an ordained minister with the Universal Life “Church.”

When we act as the Divine Feminine we frighten many around us because we are taught that awe is the same emotion as fear. Awe may bring us to our knees, but fear makes us fight or flee. The Divine Feminine is a force that is like that of a mother tiger protecting her young. Any vulnerable soul that is being subjugated by fear, we attempt to protect, even at the risk of our own deaths. This passionate power frightens many.

The tragedy in many of our lives is that fellow females turn against us as we challenge the fear-based religions with which we were raised. Others see our anger and invite us to “forgive” and to forget what is past. I am not in a position to forgive or forget what is still being passed off as “God’s will” in the bullying behavior of those who claim special spiritual powers. Nobody is empowered to forgive what has been done to another, only what has been done to oneself. I can forgive what was done to me, but the pasts of each of us is that which molds us. I will continue to fight for a new way to empower vulnerable people other than by fear of retribution for mistakes. The sense of outrage that comes from my personal experience does inform my compassion for the victims of religious abuse, and abuse justified by groups following the fear-based scriptural interpretations.

As a grandmother of both male and female children, I worry for the future of family in our global society. Since the sixties, it seems that we have been without any boundaries in which to protect our progeny. Unless men and women begin to channel their animal instincts into more responsible, compassionate pursuits, we are all doomed as humans. Men who are learning to “mother” can make the difference, but only if we women stand toe-to-toe with them and teach them alternatives to their bullying behaviors. A woman’s love and bond to those she loves can be the most powerful agent for change. Anticipation of losing that bond can be the most powerful motivator on earth.

We women hold the keys to the world’s hearts. It is not about swinging the pendulum away from patriarchy and toward matriarchy. It is about finding the Yin-Yang (balance) in the Spirit of The Divine in all of humanity.We must learn how to change others without engaging in fear tactics. Passive resistance is a powerful tool, but only works when many bond together in a common purpose and pursuit.  Only intense love with strongly enforced boundaries can soothe the savage beasts and re-channel their fear-filled, angry energies.

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