Conscious and Sacred Motherhood

Motherhood is one of the most sacred and beautiful mysteries of the universe, un-matched in its deep-seated power and enigma…
The unprecedented way that a women engages when she enters motherhood, exists on a level that she could never have known occurred within her, until it comes upon her…
To become a mother is certainly a right of passage, that organically and divinely activates a woman in such Beautiful ways…

Her motherhood shapes her in ways that nothing else in the world can.. For a woman, It is the one and only experience in the world that makes her realize her ability to create.. and to bring forth life in SUCH an intimate way.

This is her Shakti, this is the essence of her heart…
Here the Divine Mother herself is having a process inside of women! and here the divine mother desires to live through all women, as they raise their children..

When women become conscious to the divinity that is taking shape inside of them within their pregnancy as well as after their birth (literally and figuratively), a tremendous awakening is able to be accessed… and the potential for profound embodiment to take place becomes very real.. As the heart, and soul are so present and the original nature of her being begins to shine through.

The Divine Mother herself is THERE.. Right There… In all pregnancies and all motherhood experiences..
Desiring to guide her every move.. To ensure the Righteous path for this soul that is her child, but also the divine mothers child…
Suddenly women are blessed with intuition and keen perception like never before.. Forthwith, instincts of how to care for another being before themselves becomes primary and natural..
The ability to nurture and LOVE expands beyond notion..
There is no love like the love of a mother for her child…

A mother to be soon begins to realize that this little being that is her child, is to be her whole life’s mission from this point on..
She Selflessly accepts the undertaking .. and finds no greater joy than in doing so..

Whether a woman is conscious or not.. Her pregnancy, her birth, her motherhood shape her to be a powerful force… and instill in her virtues of the divine feminine, and aspects of the mother archetype that are the essence of her existence..

So, what could the potential picture be if women WERE conscious during this process, and on into the rest of their lives- caring for, and apprenticing their children..
There is so much POTENTIAL within these realms it is a shame that women miss their free admission pass into that abeyance..

What if women could take conscious strides to merge with the divine mother herself during this time in her life..
What if women would inquire into every aspect of their role as mother, and the pursuit of the soul that is their child within this lifetime…
The answer is that the Divine Mother would be there to guide… To assist and to ensure..

It is of our organic capacity and ability to learn to hear and to work in alignment with the guidance and subtle voice of the Divine Mother… To be in communion and relationship with her.. Living our lives, and guiding that of our families lives from this inner alignment.

So I say to all women, Know your power! Know your organic connection to the Divine Mother, and that you are an embodiment of her in the root of yourself..
Find yourself and your motherhood there…
Look there for all answers to your questions and inquiries…
Raise your children within this sacred seguro…
There is nothing to fear when in this place.. as all wisdom is there for the taking…

The mother needs our children, and she needs her daughters who are mothers more than anything to bring their hearts home to her..
This is where we will discover ourselves…
This is where our most Potentialized beingness and ability to be mothers lies.
Let us all endeavor to situate ourselves here, in this beauty and in this consciousness..

For those women who are not mothers..
This is still very much a part of your being and resides close to your heart…
Be eager to open this place.. and to find the treasure that exists there…

May we not allow the mother to suffer our ignorance any longer.. May we engage our consciousness and our hearts.. Merging with her in this sacred holding of motherhood.
Angela Kerr is a yoga instructor, holistic practitioner and vibrational healer who works in the pure shamanic arts.. She lives in the country of Panama and has made it her life’s work to assist women all over the world to R-ecover themselves within the Divine Feminine.. For more information or to book a session with her; visit her website 

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