Where We Walk: women and men leading together

Yvette Warren is a grandmother, the author of the blog One Family, Many Faiths and a newly ordained minister in the Universal Life Church."What happens when women lead?" A more important question, in my mind, is, "What happens when any segment of society is shut out of leadership?" I believe the answer is always subversion and rebellion, which often lead to anarchy, which results in accompanying rule by force and fear, attributes that we ascribe to the "masculine.".A good friend who i … [Read more...]

What Happens When Women Lead?

Leading Humanity to A Higher Evolutionby Anne Scott of  Dream WeatherClick here to read Anne's blog … [Read more...]

Excellent Huffington Post article on the Divine Feminine

It's not only women who channel the voice of the divine feminine. We highly recommended this beautiful article by Sufi teacher and author, Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee.Click here to read The Sacred Feminine Today … [Read more...]

What happens when women lead?

This month marks both Women's History Month and International Women's Day. In honor and celebration of this, our question for March will be: “What happens when women lead?”There are many ways to approach such a question: what happens to us, to our relationships, to those who watch us, to the world, to the course of history?We would love to hear your thoughts, dreams, experiences and queries regarding this challenging and exciting topic. Send your poems, pictures, videos or blog posts of 3 … [Read more...]

Daily check-ins to keep me connected to my Divine Femme

Laura Paskell-Brown is a very flawed human being who lives and works in New York. She is one of the 'Young Leaders' at Women of Spirit and Faith.Two years ago when my life felt like it was going to hell in a handbag, when every day seemed to bring some new problem and every thought some terrible pain, I needed more than a new code of ethics or a mere philosophy to save me. No, when this kid hit bottom she needed a completely new way of life, a set of practices to reshape the mind and the … [Read more...]

Finding the Divine Feminine in the ebb and flow of our own ‘divine flow’

Alisa Blanchard, BA is life in motionDuring the last few years I have begun honoring my moon time by creating or learning something new each cycle. This allows me time to really listen or reflect on my inner wisdom and to manifest my dreams. I believe the sacred flow of my blood opens me in new ways to my goddess; the Divine Feminine within my being.This is also a great time to connect with my daughter and enter into a ceremony if we wish; imagine me with a 3 year old painting and … [Read more...]

What are your personal rituals or practices that keep you in touch with the Divine Feminine?

Kay Lindahl is an interfaith activist, speaker and retreat leader, author of "The Sacred Art of Listening"It took me a long time to recognize the Divine Feminine.  I grew up in the 40’s, a member of a mainline protestant denomination, and was used to all the masculine pronouns and expressions of God. I didn’t necessarily feel excluded or included – that was just the way it was.  However, I also sensed a deep calling to be in communion with God.  At one point I thought I wanted to become a … [Read more...]

Rituals that even a tired-mommy can do

Dr. Halina Krupa writes a blog of inspiration for families who do it differentlyI am a mom to a beautiful 5 year-old daughter who makes sure my rituals are simple, short and in the moment. Gone are the days of leisurely meditations at dawn. Now, at dawn, I may wake up with a foot on my head, or little fingers crawling under my shirt, searching for the warmth of my breast--still. My ritual becomes this being in the moment. As I look out the window, my eyes feast on the exploding colors of … [Read more...]

Practices to stay in touch with the Divine Feminine

Kathleen Schmitt is the author of Seasons of the Feminine Divine: Christian Feminist Prayers for the Liturgical Cycle in three volumes.From as early as I can remember I have known the kind, feminine spirit that permeates all nature and all life. As a tiny child I loved a little flower we called a ¨wine cup,¨ which I later identified as a sign, an image of the divine womb. I know the Divine Feminine in remembering experiences, events and people who have touched me with kindness, u … [Read more...]

February Question

We explore a guiding question every month. Our question for February is: "What are your personal rituals or practices that keep you in touch with the Divine Feminine?" Send your poems, pictures, videos or blog posts of 300-700 words to divine.feminine.wsf@gmail.comBlessings!Women of Spirit and Faith … [Read more...]