How to Stop the War on Women

Ann Smith is Co-Founder and Director of Circle Connections When I hear the phrase "war on women" I sadly shake my head at the folly of the human race for allowing this terrible tragedy to continue. So often we in the United States think that this war is not here, but it is covertly fought, especially against women of color. It is much more than serious than political rhetoric.Several years ago when I was part of an Episcopal women’s leadership retreat on the Piute Re … [Read more...]

What’s behind the continuing Vatican attack on the Women Religious!?

Georgene Wilson is a Wheaton Franciscan Sister. Georgene lives in silence and solitude and offers spiritual ministry from her neighborhood home, Wisdom Webbings Anchorhold, in Wheaton, IL. She is the author of several books, including: Sabbath Bread: For Personal Sacred-searching and Group Faith-sharingWhat gets stirred up in you when you hear the words "War on Women"?... My take on it is that the ecto-order of the Vatican is in deep evolution toward an endo-ordering.  Some m … [Read more...]

What gets stirred up in you when you hear the words “War on Women”?

Yvette Warren is a grandmother and a newly ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.  Her blog, which explores interfaith family values can be found at: One Family, Many Faiths I don’t believe there is a war on women in the United States. I believe the war is within ourselves. Do we really want to be worshiped, remembering that goddesses and gods have no needs and no friends, or do we want to stand toe-to-toe with men as women do in Israel? I was brought up as a trad … [Read more...]

You are invited to contribute to this collaborative blog

This month we are exploring the following questions: What gets stirred up in you when you hear the words "War on Women"?, and/or What are you noticing right now in the world of women? At any time, if you wish to add to this blog, send your blog post of 300-700 words to We especially invite anyone who feels that their viewpoint is not reflected on this blog. We would love to hear any voice, no matter who you are! We welcome your voice and wisdom, your poetry and pro … [Read more...]

One thing I know for sure after the WSF retreat is…

Mohini Moore is a member of the Young Leaders Council of Women of Spirit and Faith and a Board Member of the Morningstar Foundation.One thing I know for sure after the WSF retreat is... ...the magic of being together. There is simply nothing like it. We started as 30 women coming from all different places, geographically, spiritually, emotionally, economically, generationally etc. etc. and we left as sweet sisters, aunts and nieces! The bonding and connections that … [Read more...]

It just is…

Kathe Shaaf is a founding member of Women of Spirit and Faith a circle of women supporting the emerging feminine and women’s spiritual leadership. She co-edited the book "Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership" which is an Amazon best seller in its category. I have participated in many women’s circles in the past decade. Some have been productive and some have been deeply still. Some have been challenging, with difficult conversations and strong feelings; others have … [Read more...]

It’s all about the body

Laura Paskell-Brown is a PhD student and teacher in New York city. She runs a circle for her young female students, to help them get in touch with their own intuition, their bodies and the leaders inside of them all. She is also on the Young Leaders Council of Women of Spirit and Faith.This morning the voice in my head screamed: “Pick up the phone stupid. You should because she’s your friend and she needs you. You’re a bad friend if you don’t!”  My body just says “no.”  She says it gently … [Read more...]

The divine feminine: practical and visionary, studied and embodied, strategic and intuitive

Courtney Martin is a writer, speaker, and activist living in Brooklyn, New York. She is the author of Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists, as well as four other books. You can read more about her on her website and/or follow her at @courtwrites.One thing I know for sure after the Women of Spirit and Faith retreat is… order for women to fully inhabit our rightful place as spiritual and religious leaders, we have to do a difficult mix of thinking strategically about the c … [Read more...]

What Happens When Women Lead?

Adrie de Jong comes from The Netherlands. She believes that as women come to know themselves, they will be find the wisdom they need to provide hope, knowledge and solutions.I think much more will be possible for the quality and worth of life when woman lead. I think we will first seek wise woman to lead. Those with a broader view and an higher notion of what really goes on within the heart of the human being and it's urge for basic needs. With the leadership of men we see them often … [Read more...]

What happens when the Divine Feminine leads a classroom of kids?

Laura Paskell-Brown is a teacher and PhD student in New York City. She believes that her purpose in the classroom is to remind her students of the power they already have inside of them, and the ways in which they can use that power for good in the world.When I look into your eyes I see you I don’t mean I see your GPA Or the work that you do. I mean I see YOU I see how you’re hurting If you’re lonely or blue But I see you Beautiful you. I see the trials and tribulations, But I s … [Read more...]