I thought I was going to Scotland for a quiet retreat with my spiritual sisters. But the Mystery had other plans for me. Read more

Spiritual breakthroughs can happen at the most unexpected times, while doing the most unexpected things and in the most unexpected places. Many look to carve out time to travel somewhere new and look for new insights. Or find groups of like minded people on a similar journey to share an experience. Others search alone for the quiet and the inspiring in nature and the world. Many are blessed with a guide along the way who knows how to help us find our way. Read more

Yvette Warren is a grandmother and a newly ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. Her blog is called “One Family, Many Faiths” How desperately my friends reach out to me, Wanting to save my soul, which is already free. It is such a source of sadness to them and to me That we, on our faith, cannot agree. My friends are bound by the words of men, As if women’s voices aren’t part of salvation. They defer only to the words… Read more

Molly is a certified birth educator, writer, and activist who lives in central Missouri. She is an editor, a breastfeeding counselor, a professor, and doctoral student in women’s spirituality. She blogs about birth, motherhood, and women’s issues at Talk Birth and about thealogy at http://goddesspriestess.com   I have a thealogical view of the world/universe as the body of the Goddess. Everything is interconnected in a great and ever-changing dance of life. Not as “all one,” but as all interconnected and relating to one another,… Read more

Susan Naomi Bernstein is a writer and educator living in Queens, NY. Her blog is called: “Beyond the Basics” (for Bedford Bits) Today my spouse of nearly thirty years asked me: “Do you have everything you need?” My spouse was asking about lunch— and yet—the existential sweetness of that inquiry fills me with inspiration. In times that seem to offer little but scarcity and austerity, I wonder often what constitutes abundance. What do people in our world need to survive… Read more

Laura Paskell-Brown studies and teaches psychology in New York. She facilitates women’s circles and is active in Women of Spirit and Faith How many times have I opened a women’s magazine and read an article about how I should love my body just the way it is, only to flick the page over to another stick thin model with big boobs?  It’s such an obvious contradiction that I hardly notice anymore. It’s just another thing that we put under the… Read more

Ann Smith is the director of CircleConnections   I know deep within my soul that to embrace the Divine Feminine is the way to save our planet. We know that to bring harmony to humanity the Divine Feminine must be illuminated, praised, loved, honored and prayed to along with the Divine Masculine. We know that by calling Her name including our own we are embodying the Divine; we become Her hands, feet and heart. We gain the courage and wisdom… Read more

Raquel Rios has traveled extensively as a professional development specialist on change leadership, inter-cultural competence, language acquisition, critical literacy and social justice.  She has been writing her blog Real World  since 2005.  She lives in New York with her husband and children. All at once I am alone and one with the rest of the world, the world of artists and poets and writers yes, but with those others who will live and die an ordinary life.  I write because I… Read more

Anne Scott’s blog – Dream Weather – is about the wisdom of the Feminine. She says: “At this time, there is a destiny for women to contribute to life consciously, to begin to trust it, to gather and shift from fragmentation to wholeness respecting the source of where we came from”.     Hi Laura, I am so grateful you wrote what you did!  Last week I wrote a blog and had to trust what was really in my heart…. Read more

I write what I like Last night I was with a friend of mine who was struggling with a chapter she had been asked to write for a forthcoming book. All day she had been sitting in front of her computer crying. “It actually physically hurt”, she said. We could label this ‘writers block’ and move on, but as Eckhart Tolle reminds us, to label something is not to understand it, it is simply to label it. I have written… Read more

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