Every month here at The Divine Feminine we plan to have a question around which to base the blogs. Given that this is the first month of our existence, we thought that it would be appropriate to begin with the question: “What IS the Divine Feminine?”. The blogs that follow this post (and a few that precede it!), are the posts we received from women who wanted to explore that question. We hope that you will enjoy reading their thoughts… Read more

by Diane Longoat  www.soulofthemother.org Prophets and Visionaries of our ancient civilizations have long reminded us of the ages of  Mother Earth, the three great shakings and the fourth to come and of the evolution of humanity.  Today those prophecies have largely been fulfilled that emanated from the mouths of the wisdom holders.  We find ourselves living in the fulfillment of daily prophecy.  Our prayers of gratitude and humility are essential to open doors now for the emergence of the feminine… Read more

By Jamia Wilson http://www.jamiawilson.com/ In a moment of distress a few months ago, a wise woman confidant told me to find comfort in trees. She told me about how her Buddhist practice led her to understand and celebrate arboreal power. When I explained that negative energies that were swirling around me lowered my frequency and my centeredness, she asked me to contemplate trees.   When my sage friend first mentioned it, I wondered how trees could be connected to stresses I dealt with in the… Read more

      by Laura Paskell-Brown I have been taught to write from my head, to research and to reference my sources. That training seems not only insufficient but a hindrance at this moment. The Divine Feminine is not something to be found in books. She must be experienced in the flesh. She is the hand that touches me gently, the hug that envelops me, the tears that drop from my eyes and the fierce strength within me. She is the… Read more

      by Kathe Schaaf   And then there was a day when I was a girl when I could not help but notice (as all little girls must notice if only for a moment) that God did not appear to be a woman, not a Mother; that God did not offer a lap where I could come for comfort. Ever.   It did not occur to me then to question what kind of God this must be, but… Read more

This blessing is reprinted from our forthcoming book Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power which will be published November 1 by SkyLight Paths.  My name is Rachelle Figueroa and I am of the Tarascan and Arapaho Nations. I write this from my heart and offer you my hand in friendship and peace. With the utmost respect for my ancestors, Elders, and spiritual teachers that have gone before me, I would like to share with you some words of encouragement… Read more

As a woman of spirit and faith, you know something important about this moment in human history. You know it from your rich experiences in the world, and you know it from a place of deep wisdom within. Your unique pattern of knowing is part of a larger pattern of feminine wisdom being called forth at this time in service of this Earth and of humanity.  ~~~~ We invite your wisdom and reflections, your curiosity and creativity, your passions and purpose to… Read more

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