Lead with Respect in Three Easy Steps

You probably can recite the story of the Good Samaritan. Jesus’ gospel parable is a staple of Sunday school classes and Bible studies. By contrasting the generosity of the Samaritan from the actions of the other travelers, Jesus uses the story to teach a core element of Christianity. (I tried to use it once to [Read More…]

Create Good: It Takes Persistence

by Ann Kroeker Whether you’re creating good in this world by faithfully serving others or by actually creating something like art, music, writing, or dance, it takes work. It takes time. It takes persistence. Few of us will be required to persist to the level Paul Smith does in order to create art. Mr. Smith was [Read More…]

Rediscovering Community: How One Facebook Group Led Me Back to the Internet

by Alissa Wilkinson Years ago, during Lent, I wrote a short post about how many of my friends were choosing to fast from Facebook—an admirable move, I argued, but probably even more beneficial if it helped us re-think how we used Facebook. I argued that Facebook, like any technology, can act as an “idol” (something that draws attention [Read More…]

A Beautiful Workplace Starts by Investing in People

by Jen Petro White tulips leaned into one another. Tears splotched Lindsay’s shirt as she spied them in a vase on her desk. “They remembered,” she thought, drawing in her breath. This wasn’t a Hallmark moment. It wasn’t her birthday, or any other joyful occasion. Her colleagues knew that it was the first anniversary of losing [Read More…]

The Four Stages of a Leader’s Spiritual Growth

by Jim Wood I know a gentleman who runs a major division of a global firm. He is super-successful, has a wonderful family, and is faithful to his church. By all appearances, he models Christian maturity. But when I asked him to get involved in a discussion group promoting spiritual growth among business leaders, he turned [Read More…]

What to Do When You Are Completely Overwhelmed at Work

A few weeks ago, I was asked by the President of my company to go and fix an area of the business that wasn’t doing so well. I’m talking here the organizational equivalent of a two-headed beast with six horns. There were so many moving parts and levels of complexity involved with this situation that [Read More…]