A Pastor Gets Acupuncture and You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next


by Jason Byassee I’m not the sort of person inclined to try alternative medicine. We vaccinate our kids, we eat gluten, we go to regular doctors and take their pills. But then again I’m also not the kind of person who settles for having a debilitating foot injury at age 40. With an air between bemusement [Read More...]

Advent in Us: Adventures in Forgiving


by Keri Wyatt Kent As we awaken from our post-Thankgiving food/shopping/football coma, we find December looming. Some of us feel our blood pressure ticking slowly upward. For others, there’s a low-grade stress, like static in the background of the playlist in our minds. Perhaps a few of us feel excited or eager to begin the season [Read More...]

Five Ways to be a Christian in the Workplace (and Not Freak Out Human Resources)


by David Rupert “If the salt loses its saltiness, it’s good for nothing.” The policy was given to me on my first day. It was part of a page excerpted from the personnel manual, labeled “Code of Conduct.” In stern language, the code enumerated things like tardiness, overtime, and dress standards. But one line stood [Read More...]

Let It Flow Out: An Interview with N. T. Wright

n.t. wright

Bishop N. T. Wright is arguably one of the most important theologians writing today. He’s published everything from weighty theological tomes like Christian Origins and the Question of God, to accessible commentaries like Paul for Everyone: The Pastoral Letters, to inspirational books like Simply Christian and Surprised by Hope. When N. T. Wright agreed to lead an intimate retreat at [Read More...]

Minds and Bodies, Faith and Work


by Nathan Roberts As I took the Amtrak up to the Faith@Work Summit in Boston, I was working on a paper about the Mind-Body Problem. I don’t want to bore you with academic details, but the gist of the problem is: how do we talk about how the brain––an electrically charged lump of meat––relates to [Read More...]

The Surprising Key that Opens the Gift of Work

running and rest

by Keri Wyatt Kent I am currently training for a half marathon. Today, my training consists of not running. I am writing this from the couch. That’s right. Any training schedule for long-distance race will recommend days to run, cross train, lift weights—and at least one day per week of rest. The resting allows the body [Read More...]