What Transformers 4 Taught Me About My Pastor

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It was the best of films, it was the worst of films. Transformers 4 opened recently to the worst critical reviews of any 2014 blockbuster… and the strongest three-day ticket sales of the year. The reviews were gleefully negative. Entertainment Weekly bemoaned the film as a “baroque orgy of ear-shredding, eye-dazzling destruction.” The Guardian dismissed [Read More...]

[VIDEO] Plug Into Silence


It’s the vacation that defines the meaning of vacation for me. Our family went to a timeshare cottage in a small beach community on the Gulf Coast of Florida nearly every Summer. We only lived about an hour away down the coast, but the trip always took us to an entirely different world. These trips were completely different than the times we visited places like Disney World, Sea World, and Cape Canaveral. [Read more...]

The Key to a Great Vacation


My friend, Aurelia, and I had planned this holiday for weeks. Busy with our respective careers, we nevertheless arranged a mini vacation at Aurelia’s cabin in the foothills of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. I had images of mountain waterfalls and leaping deer. In my mind, I was there already. Leaving early on a Thursday morning, the car packed with provisions, we drove out of Boston into… [Read more...]

[VIDEO] I Want What They Have


Jealousy. Envy. Coveteousness. Call it what you want. It’s rooted in a lack of satisfaction with what you already have, and/or a resentment for what others have. Perceived scarcity driven by comparrison can eat you up inside, and drive negative feelings and behavior. I’ve been there. Constantly chasing what other people have. And it’s a cycle that never ends. [Read more...]

There Is Always Enough


While I’ve always loved the smell and shiny packaging of new dreams, they usually choke to death in the cellophane. Whenever I’d bring one home, I’d fantasize about the plots and special features. But then I’d never bother to open them up because—well, my DVD player didn’t work.

The metal prongs on my cord were bent. [Read more...]

[VIDEO] How Do You Define Leadership?


I used to think a leader was the one person in the room with authority to get other people to do stuff. But that didn’t feel complete. Then I defined as leader simply as someone who has people following them. That didn’t seem like enough either.

Additionally, it always seemed like people needed special qualifications to be a leader. Wrong again. [Read more...]