The Integrity Test


by Robb Redman I once watched pastor and author Erwin McManus use a banana and a watermelon to demonstrate how integrity works. Peeling the banana and slicing open the watermelon, Pastor McManus explained that in fruit, the inside fulfills what the outside suggests. Fruit displays integrity. In people, on the other hand, the inside-outside consistency [Read More...]

Trapped: The Church Vocation Issue We Don’t Talk About

by Gordon Atkinson I want to bring up something that church people don’t talk about very often. Why don’t we talk about it? I don’t know. Lots of reasons. I suspect the biggest reason is that talking about it would require us to take an honest look at the lives of our ministers. And I’m [Read More...]

Knowing Who You Are


by Mark D. Roberts Mark 1:9-11 And a voice from heaven said, “You are my dearly loved Son, and you bring me great joy.” – Mark 1:11 By the time Jesus came to the Jordan River in order to be baptized, John the Baptist had already baptized hundreds if not thousands of people. Yet after Jesus [Read More...]

Making Decisions that Keep Work and Life in Balance: Preparing to Be Wrong

by Glynn Young We had talked about it for months: a new electronic publication for employees. Only two companies in North America had one at the time, one in the U.S. and one in Canada. We had talked with both, and the one in Canada was our best analogy—no standardized platform for employees to read [Read More...]

Don’t Mistake Doing What You Love With Doing What’s Important

by J.B. Wood A couple of weeks ago, my wife texted me, “Don’t forget to buy Megamillions tickets!:)” Upon learning of the multi-million dollar jackpot, we couldn’t help ourselves from fantasizing about a potential windfall. We’d quit our jobs. Pursue our dreams. Finally, we’d do what we loved. When the lottery numbers were drawn, ours, of [Read More...]

The Fight for Serious Multi-Ethnic Dialogue


by Nathan Roberts When I saw the film Selma for a second time, I sat next to my friend Chloe. As the credits rolled, she turned to me and remarked: “You know, honestly, I can see why DuVernay wasn’t nominated for the Best Director Oscar.” “Hmm…” I said. In the lobby, she elaborated: “I just [Read More...]