They Shall Know Us By Our Bumper Stickers

They Shall Know Us By Our Bumper Stickers March 30, 2015

2942201649_c592f615e2_zThe truck wasn’t large, but it was covered in bumper stickers—sides, doors, and tailgate. Each sticker was an angry message against Christianity and conservatism. From pro-choice messages to Darwinism, to plain old anti-Christian one-liners, this truck must have had them all.

Driving home, my mind raced. Such anger! What were this man’s thoughts as he placed the stickers on his truck? Who or what hurt him so badly to dramatically display his pain?

Then, there was my personal conviction. What had organized religion done to cause such hurt? How did I, unwittingly or indirectly, contribute to this man’s case against Christianity? If he had ever really seen Jesus in a Christian, would he have this kind of anger?

I once put bumper stickers on my truck. The slogans were holier than this man’s, but my motives weren’t. I was in high school and had just gotten a speeding ticket. I reasoned that a Jesus fish and “Praise the Lord” bumper stickers, in the future, might make for a more lenient policeman. Thankfully, a friend didn’t let me off of the hook. When with great spiritual pride I showed her my truck, she said, “That’s great, John. Now that you’re advertising it, you ought to start living it.”

What do I do, as a Christian, to anger people about Christians? Several things, unfortunately. I slander others while talking about my own spirituality. I ignore another’s pain while boasting about my religious accomplishment. I speed down the highway and cut people off as I blow by them with a “Praise the Lord” bumper sticker and a Jesus fish. No wonder this man is peeved. He doesn’t know me, and I don’t know him; yet, in a way we do know each other.

My daily life is my high calling. The speed of my drive to work is my high calling. The words I speak throughout the day are my high calling. The lives I touch at any moment are my high calling. Most important, the time I spend each day in worship and prayer is the high calling God uses to build the bridge between Him and me. Maybe sometime He will use it to reconcile me to my brother with “the bumper sticker truck.”


Questions for discussion:

  • What are some ways to show God’s love to nonbelievers in your daily life?
  • What do you think Jesus would have to say to the man with the bumper stickers on his truck?


This article was originally published at Image by Mojoey. Used via creative commons on Flickr.

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