To Advance Justice, Catholics Should Make More Allies

In a recent article from The Atlantic, Italian journalist Anna Momigliano writes about an interesting alliance between two unlikely allies in Europe: Conservative, Pro-Life Catholics and Left-Wing, Pro-Choice Feminists. The cause that has united the two? Surrogacy. Unlike in America, where the practice is legal and not nearly scrutinized to the same degree as other [Read More…]

Working for Social Justice is Not Optional for Catholics

From my latest contribution at Millennial Journal.. The phrase “social justice” tends to trigger a wide range of responses depending on where one lands on the political spectrum. For some, it’s a pejorative. For others, a badge of honor. Either way, from a secular perspective, social justice is often viewed through the prism of partisan [Read More…]

Despite Flaws, Obamacare Was The More Catholic Option

When I judge a piece of legislation, I try to look beyond the selling points and soundbites meant to increase, or decrease, support, and answer one, simple question: At its heart, does this bill support or promote ideals consistent with Catholic Social Justice? In regards to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), I say the answer [Read More…]

The Right to Healthcare is Owed, Not Earned

What is healthcare in the first place? Is it a right—something to which all people are entitled regardless of income, job status, age, or health? Or is it a consumer good—a service that’s meant to be bought and sold on the market? Approached from an entirely secular, political perspective, this is, admittedly, a complex question [Read More…]

A Conversation With Christopher Hale of Catholics In Alliance for the Common Good

During the final, heated months of the 2016 presidential election, the DNC was hacked and a treasure trove of emails was leaked to the public. In one particular email, dated in 2012, John Podesta and Sandy Newman discuss the potential for a “Catholic Spring”—aka a progressive uprising—within the Church. In one reply, Podesta mentions by [Read More…]

The GOP’s New Healthcare Plan Is Bad On Purpose

Throughout his campaign, Trump promised to get rid of the “disaster” of Obamacare and replace it with something far, far better. He promised that Americans would have access to better, cheaper coverage and that no one would have to go without it. Well, the new GOP bill to replace Obamacare is out, and everyone is [Read More…]

Missing The Point Of Catholic Social Justice

Every time I write something concerning Catholic Social Justice, I am always met with rebuttals that, for lack of better phrasing, super duper miss the point. For example, I recently posted a video in which I stated that healthcare is a right and an important part of the broader right to life—a truly non-controversial statement [Read More…]

The Right to Life Includes the Right to Healthcare

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Reflecting on the Sermon on the Mount

Dear readers, I present to you a momentary departure from my general MO of discussing politics and pro-life issues.   The Sermon on the Mount is easily one of my favorite (if not most favorite) parts of the Bible. Specifically the verses found in Matthew 5. You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye [Read More…]

Finding Middle Ground in the Abortion Debate: A New Focus

This time it’s a video! [Read more…]