Some interesting stuff coming in 2014…

I don’t generally announce forthcoming horror films unless they have some connection to witchcraft, paganism or the occult, and of course I also prefer arthouse and foreign films to mainstream Hollywood stuff, so my initial forecast for 2014 is that there isn’t that much coming down the pipeline just yet. But here are a few titles that look interesting and I’ll keep you all posted as their debut dates get closer.

The film JUNE stars one of the little badass girls in THE WALKING DEAD (Kennedy Brice, who plays Molly), as a girl who has to share her body with a an ancient spirit who wants to wipe out mankind to preserve nature’s dominance on Earth. The story does sound like it may have an interesting theme that will resonate with pagans. Plus, badass little kids are badass.

There will of course be much more hype forthcoming about Disney’s new film MALEFICENT, starring Angelina Jolie as the evil horned witch in their iconic film SLEEPING BEAUTY. It’s due out May 30. I think it’s an interesting idea to re-imagine a live action film based upon an animated one; but I also think Disney is generally starved for good ideas these days. Also, Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones look too pointy.

Nick Willing (who directed the wonderful NEVERLAND is helming a new thriller set in the English countryside (Yorkshire, in fact, where indie horror director Ben Wheatley–who is no relation to occult writer Dennis Wheatley who wrote THE DEVIL RIDES OUT– has been making some wonderful films including KILL LIST, one of my faves from 2012). It looks promising, also because it stars Olivia Williams and Matthew Modine! ALTAR is about a couple who move to a remote country estate (as you do), where the original owner is rumored to have murdered his wife in a “demonic ritual.” Ooh, goody!

And of course you’ve heard they’re making a new TV mini-series based upon ROSEMARY’S BABY, right? Oh, okay I am just gonna go write a post on that too!

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