Too good not to share…THE POWER OF THE WITCH

And now for some dreamy old film imagery, scented with patchouli and blessed with love beads…

THE POWER OF THE WITCH (video link included).

Rare footage of some of the early movers and shakers of modern pagan witchcraft: Alex and Maxine Sanders, et al…filmed in 1971, this was the heyday of the modern occult movement, and so is really an interesting historical document and also quite a lovely way to experience the “vibe” of  what the early days of  the pagan community were like.

It wasn’t all organic gardening and dancing beneath the moon: 1970s era witchcraft was rather more occult-tinged than what we tend to see now, and the film most certainly reflects that. Sanders, of course, was a protege of Gerald Gardner who struck out on his own and reinvented Gardnerian Wicca as Alexandrian Wicca. With wife Maxine, Alex created a branch of modern witchcraft still in practice today (my coven in Boston was formed in the late 1960s by someone who had worked with the Sanderses).

This was posted to my Facebook wall and mentioned by a couple of friends today. This Youtube link went around a couple of years ago, but it’s making the rounds again today for some reason. The Dangerous Minds website has some very interesting stuff!


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    Oh wow I gotta check this out!