Live video chat AHS: COVEN, Samhain Edition!


It is the true cross quarter of Samhain tonight, and so Lilith Dorsey and I will be wearing black (well, we usually do anyway) for our Samhain Edition of  our weekly chat. Here's the link to the recorded video!This show just keeps getting crazier and more intense, doesn't it? … [Read more...]

Witch Cinema: My Top Ten Movies with Witches in ‘Em


You know me, I am not one to shy away from witches in movies, no matter how sensational or stereotyped they may be! (Note: I am not discussing pagan witches here, I will post another list of films with pagan themes next.) The portrayal of witches in films as evil, seductive, greedy for power, bloodthirsty, cruel, well, I think it's all built upon some combination of fairy tales, the horror story that was the Salem Witch Trials, and the paranoid portrayals from the years of the European witch … [Read more...]

American Horror Story COVEN, live chat, Hallowe’en edition~! (with costumes)


Hello, all, here is the latest installment of our weekly live chat series on American Horror Story: COVEN, featuring myself and Lilith Dorsey (of Voodoo Universe).  We decided to a Hallowe'en theme, and next week it will be closer to the true cross quarter of Samhain so there may be more themes in your future...This week's episode, "Fearful Pranks Ensue," was one of the liveliest yet, (and also takes place at Hallowe'en!) and we're left with many unsolved mysteries (like, how will the … [Read more...]

Witch Cinema: My favorite scary movies


In honor of the week of Hallowe'en as it leads into Samhain (November 7th), I'm posting lists of my favorite seasonally-appropriate films. First up; scary films!I've always loved horror films, but honestly they don't always scare me. Slasher films especially, which rely on gore and shock value, don't always manage to leave me feeling scared.1) The Other (1972) Based upon Thomas Tryon's excellent novel, this story of two twins living on a farm is spooky and haunting, even though there are … [Read more...]

Live Chat on AHS COVEN “The Replacements”


Last week's chat was removed from Youtube so Lilith Dorsey and I did a reboot! Check out our chat here; let's hope this one stays where it is.Topics include voodoo fertility rituals, alligators, incest, bestiality, over-sexualization, and of course, chicken. (Watch for my write up this week, too) We'll be doing another live chat on Episode Four this Thursday at 8 pm EST.For more on American Horror Story: COVEN from Patheos writers, check out the show's topic page on the Patheos E … [Read more...]

Oh, look! Witches are media darlings. AGAIN. (SIGH)

craft circle

Remember the late 1990s? THE CRAFT? Then CHARMED? Then BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER? Then THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT? Then all the witchcraft stuff appearing in episodes of shows like THE X-FILES, MILLENNIUM, etc.?To quote one of the creepier moments of TWIN PEAKS: "It is happening again. It is happening right now."Just in time for Hallowe'en. Heh heh heh.Thanks to The Guardian for pointing out what should have been gradually becoming obvious to most of us these last few weeks. Witches and … [Read more...]

This just in: CHARMED retread coming to CBS


Well, I guess television has found witches to be hot properties once again (in case you haven't heard about the wild popularity of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN) these last three weeks. Variety reports that CHARMED will get a reboot from CBS.It will be a "reimagining" which means there may be changes in the story. But I am guessing we'll still have four sisters (three at first, joined by a fourth, since it was loosely based on the same plot point from the 1996 film THE CRAFT) and they'll be … [Read more...]

Samhain, Hallowe’en…are both worth celebrating?


Seventeen years ago, I wrote an article for The Witches' Voice website that would end up being the first in a series on seasonal pagan holidays, and which also became one of the site's most read articles ever. It was called "You Call it Hallowe'en, We Call it Samhain" and it looks at some of the mythology, folklore and tradition behind this holiday in its sacred and secular contexts.I've noticed over the years that, despite wanting to observe Samhain as a solemn festival that remembers our … [Read more...]

American Horror Story: COVEN Reinvents the Witch Archetype


The Media Witch has been bewitched.No, I mean that. Two episodes into this season on American Horror Story (COVEN) and I am enamored of its slick arty look, its take no prisoners daring, its outrageous disregard for history, and its shameless envelope-pushing. I mean, hey. Why have a hot television show that’s not at least somewhat controversial?I know, as a media critic and practicing witch and activist, that I am supposed to be overtly critical of media portrayals that trumpet the “ … [Read more...]