Why Invest in Being Nice?


This post is part of Patheos’ July Public Square. A recent article in The Atlantic, “It Pays To Be Nice,” noted the benefits of investing in workplace relationships. A premise of the article is something most of us probably already know intuitively: “Being collegial is good for both individual workers and for businesses as a whole.” [Read More...]

Is God Really Faithful?: Lessons from Ruth


Guest Contributor: Eileen Sommi The words “God is faithful” fly off the tongue of the Christian as readily as a “God bless you!” follows a sneeze. But what if you couldn’t find employment after months of looking? What if your business went belly up? What if, after years of faithful service, your company let you [Read More...]

When Unemployment Strikes: Lessons from Ruth


Guest Contributor: Eileen Sommi I have heard the story of Ruth told many times. I’ve read it for myself over and over again. But when I started studying the book of Ruth in preparation for writing the Bible study for the Theology of Work Project, I discovered truths and wisdom that had eluded me in [Read More...]

Honoring Your Parents Through Your Work


Parenting children is among the most important kinds of work there are in the world, and it both deserves and requires the greatest respect. The Commandment to Honor Parents There are many ways to honor your father and mother. In Jesus’ day, the Pharisees wanted to restrict this to speaking well of them. But Jesus [Read More...]

6 Essential Principles to Guide You Toward Your Calling


Many of us sometimes wonder if we’re in the right place at the right time. In particular, we wonder if we’re investing our time and energy in the right job, career or work. How can we tell?  Here are a few basic principles to help guide you toward your calling. 1. We need to first focus on [Read More...]