Do You Have the Mark of the Beast? 666: Greg Boyd

Here is an excellent video to ponder on the meaning of Revelation as a whole, and in regards to the Mark of the Beast in particular. Let me know what you think…

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  • Hey man, thanks for posting this vid, i found it fascinating. My question is this: If we are to assume that this view that Greg presents is true and we have no “prophesy” for ourselves in Revelation, how does this change our mission as Christians? Or does it change anything it all? Thanks dude!

  • Thanks for coming by… we need to hang in person!

    Number one: I dont think that Greg would believe that ALL prophecy has been fulfilled (even in Revelation), and I certainly do not hold to that perspective. Chapters 21-22 are very clearly about the future when Christ comes and puts everything back to shalom. What he is saying is that the letter as a whole was written to first century christians in a REAL historical situation. If Nero is infact the ‘beast’ or perhaps a picture of Rome as the beast, then we don’t need to look for some future world ruler who will be an antichrist. First century believers did not get the letter and think that the plague of locusts are actually modern day apache helicopters. They were a people in the midst of social and possibly governmental persecution (although, most of these instances were localized in the first century). This is a letter that describes the battle that was going on in the earthly realm as well as the spiritual… but then ultimately points them towards their ultimate hope: New heavens and new earth.

    So, what does it mean for mission? Well, for starters; i think our scare tactics about a coming doomsday need to cease in the evangelical world. Our mission is not to frighten people about a coming doomsday so that they might accept Christ rather than be left behind in a rapture. Our mission in light of this should be to reflect the reality of the coming kingdom… the hope of the book of revelation (ch 21-22)… by behaving as though our hope is already here. This future world will be one full of justice and mercy, so how the church does mission in the present ought to reflect the goodness of the renewed creation. This world will not blow up, it will be healed… therefore, we ought to be agents of healing as we anticipate Christ return. A return that will be good news for the current world, not doom, gloom, and escapism.

    Anyway, now i have preached a sermon… whats that about?! I guess this concept is one of the things that i am most passionate about so it just spews out of me 🙂

  • jin_roh

    This was a great video. I am reposting it on my own blog.

    Greg Boyd showed adequate and eloquent restrait when commenting on some dogmas of futurism.

  • An excellent video, and your comments also are excellent, Kurt. It is refreshing for me to see this and read your comments and articles, since I am surrounded it seems by futuristic ‘end times’ Bible thumpers! My views are so radical, that everyone is sure that I’m going to hell (especially since I don’t even believe in hell).

    Anyhow, I thought Greg’s presentation was particularly great for being so brief. I think it would have taken me an hour to say what he presented in 5 minutes!

    We don’t need an ‘are you ready for the rapture?” theology to present the love of God and His kingdom; to present the life and message of Jesus, God’s anointed and call people to follow him. We don’t need to warn against ‘the beast’ and his mark (666) in order to seek to persuade people not to love this world and the things of this world. We can be concerned that we don’t have the mark of the world and the flesh on our lives without worrying about a hideous ‘Antichrist’ and a physical mark on hands or forehead.

  • RiRL

    I know this comment is very late relative to this blog post, but I’m trying to put together a small group study on Revelation. Does anyone of a balanced presentation of the “4 views” material on DVD? I was came across this
    But haven’t reviewed it
    Thanks for the help, if any

  • A Haniver

    the beast is obviously immortal, because his deadly wound healed, so dows this mean he reigns throughout time over his people. From one point in time to the past and to the future, tempting people to join him.

  • Benny

    I would like to believe Greg but he is just plain wrong on this one.
    Nero did not miraculously recover from a fatal wound.
    Nero did not perform miraculous feats including calling fire down from heaven.
    He did not charge all people to receive a mark lest they can not buy or sell.
    We don’t have global governance yet (although it’s in the works).

    I enjoy Greg’s teachings as he uses his intellect, knowledge and reason to explain the Word. The problem is that intellect can not interperate what is spirit.