Quote To Ponder: Menno Simons (on community)

Here is the founder of my faith tradition, radical reformer Menno Simons.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this quote which gives a great summary of the Anabatist way:

“We do not teach and practice community of goods but we teach and testify the Word of the Lord, that all true believers in Christ are of one body (I Cor. 12:13), partakers of one bread (I Cor. 10:17), have one God and one Lord (Eph. 4).  Seeing then that they are one, . . . it is Christian and reasonable that they also have divine love among them and that one member cares for another, for both the Scriptures and nature teach this. They show mercy and love, as much as is in them.  They do not suffer a beggar among them. They have pity on the wants of the saints.  They receive the wretched.  They take strangers into their houses.  They comfort the sad.  They lend to the needy.  They clothe the naked. They share their bread with the hungry.  They do not turn their face from the poor nor do they regard their decrepit limbs and flesh (Isa. 58).  This is the kind of brotherhood we teach.”            Menno Simons

What does this quote teach us about Christian Community?  Other Thoughts?

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  • Robin

    Sounds like Christianity to me.

  • That's truly inspirational. It just about sums up everything that a church should be. What a great man of God he was and a true hero of the faith.

  • James

    It's too bad that the thoughts and writings of Menno Simons are regulated to relative obscurity outside of Biblical seminaries and academic circles. The protestant tradition seems to be very leery of "canonizing" it's early founders; particularly the Anabaptist traditions. Perhaps to differentiate itself from the Catholic/Orthodox traditions…

    What I do see in this quote is a highly relevant insight into what it means to be a Christian. It's amazing that an issue prevalent 500 years ago is still just as pertinent in today's world. God's word and ways are truly timeless…

  • VMax

    As a strong believer in community and Jacob Hutter, I also strongly support this quote by another anabaptism leader Menno Simmons. I believe this quote is precise and communal way of life is not a matter of faith. It is just one of the ways, and I think the best, of nonconformism.