End of the World Forecast!

The following was sent to me by a friend. Thoughts?

Camping Responds to Rapture Failure: World to Be Destroyed On October 21, 2011 (My Thoughts)
If You're Reading this Blog, You've been "Left Behind" - Mayan Friday Fun
Beware, Or You Too May Be - Left Below! (When the Simpsons and Harold Camping Collide)
Resources for Shaping a *RaptureLess* Theology: Where to Start to Debunk Left Behind
  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.w.roop Jeffrey W Roop

     Clever and I always like buddy Jesus.

  • Jambotodd

    lol, just lol

  • Brad

    My family and I are due to see U2 on Saturday night.  I’ll be bummed if it gets pre-empted.  :) 

  • Brad

    Oh – i guess it’s after the concert.  Cool! 😉

  • http://nailtothedoor.blogspot.com Dan Martin

    Love it!  But isn’t the end supposed to be today (Saturday) not tomorrow (Sunday)?

  • zomgpunkins

    So…  Does this means sunscreen on Wednesday?