Share Something Sundays! – Tell Me About This Weekend’s Church Gathering

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I want to try something new. Every Sunday afternoon I am going to invite you the readers to share a quick thought from your church experiences this past weekend.


  • Something insightful that challenged you in your life with God.
  • Something hilarious that you heard or saw
  • Something visual that you just had to take a picture of (Disqus comments allow you to upload a picture)
  • Something that gave you a vision of the early church
  • Something that felt contrived or superficial (be careful not to gossip here)
  • Something that made you cry
  • Something unique that could benefit other churches and Christians
  • OR Something completely Random

The following Sunday, I will share my favorite “Shared Something” from the previous post and invite readers to repeat the pattern until it gets old and boring.

So… share something!

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  • Ron Friesen

    One of our attendees,  a refugee from Africa, shared a harrowing experience with an out of control car and a phone call from a woman who said she saw the attendee’s mother. The family has not seen mother for over 10 years – so unsure if this is untrue or a miracle in the making. The church gathered and laid hands on her – praying for God’s protection and blessing

  • My church experience was not so good this week. We are trying out a new church and my kids totally embarassed me during worship…calling attention to us and leading to some dirty looks being cast our way. This particular church doesn’t have a whole lot of children and some elderly parishoners. I was really hoping for a bit of grace from others but just wasn’t feeling it. I come alone because my husband works two jobs and I think people see me in a certain light. Anyways…I just felt some condemntation and head shaking was directed at kids are still learning (3 and 7)..mostly it was my son clapping when he wasn’t supposed to and just getting out of his seat a lot.

    Anyways…for any that might be reading this please give some of  us parents with young children some grace. When we enter a critical environment, especially when  it’s new, it just makes me, anyways, want to avoid it. Last week I took my kids to the river and worshipped there, out in Creation, instead of dealing with all of this and I’m thinking that might be our plan next week. I’m starting to question the definition of what church is. If church can be found and experienced outside the traditional forum of Sunday morning, pews and old lady’s dirty looks! Sorry for venting Kurt..saw the title for this blog post and thought I’d share my experience.

    • Ron Friesen

       Jessica, If you are in Phoenix, come by. You and your children would be welcomed! Sorry to hear this.

  • Anonymous

    The pastor where I visited this morning had a message on grace with his text being Romans 8:35-39.  His title was, Grace May be Free, But it Ain’t Cheap.  He ended with a benediction that included a blessing of discomfort and other unlikely things to be included in a blessing.  But it was in line with the message that life will not always be comfortable but nothing will come between us and the love of God.   

  • After speaking this morning with a small mennonite congregation in PA, I opened up the worship time for sharing from the congregation.  Asking the people how they were hearing or seeing God through the text, stories and local missional team.  

    A woman in the back, who I later found out comes from a Muslim faith tradition shared her cultural perspective of a pastor.  In sharing her thoughts she asked for the congregation for prayer, because it is hard for her to accept the loving relationship with a person in authority, and she feels like it might be hard because she never had a father.  
    (I am not the pastor of the congregation, but was speaking this morning based on a missional team supported by the congregation.)  

    This time of sharing was rooted in our Anabaptist Ecclesiology and has allowed people to pray and love one another in deeper ways.  This congregation is growing in atypical ways, and the life long congregants are seeking to be more open to the “other” and struggle with the idea of conversation as formation and mission.

    They are seeking to understand news ways of belonging as a faith community with people not from their cultural tradition.  This was a transformational moment in my own faith journey and one that I am honored to share with you now…

  • we had an amazing day.  we know that our church is headed to a place where we meet some prostitutes, and in a way that is not judgemental and cheesy, love them and minister to them.   so we prayed over our future, and we showed this classic Campolo video:

    Music included Dylan’s “Ring them Bells” and U2’s “Get on Your Boots”

    I LOVE our church :
    What kind of pastor would allow this kind of stuff?

    uh, me (:

  • Jennifer Holden

    I love the feeling of community and fellowship at my church. I moved to a new country and a therefore a new church 5 months ago. I still enjoy the way that everyone shares the peace but not in an in your face way and that there are many ways to be prayed for. Being far away from home while my Dad is ill, it makes a big difference to be truly part of a community that cares about its members. On a more amusing note is the look of amazement I got from the couple who I asked whether they were going to our church as they got off the tram, when asked I explained that speaking English (in a non English speaking country) and getting off at that tram stop looking at a map meant it was a good guess, so they got a welcome before stepping inside the building.

  • Conrad

    I uhh slept in til 1 today…. Im a bad christian lol

  • Our service is growing!  We’re a contemporary service on a large (several thousand) traditional church campus.  We’ve grown so much that we don’t fit in our “room” anymore.  Today we announced that the entire church congregation is going to re-work the sunday multiple service schedule to allow us to move from our room into the “Big House”!!  We’re so excited to see God moving in the young adults in our area and within our congregation!  It’s an exciting time for us!!  

  • Jasonderr

    ‎”The kingdom of God is like a golddigger seeking a boob-job” – sermon, Trinity Episcopal Cathederal

  • Mchudson77

    Each week we’re privileged to worship with men in recovery. Sundays, in particular, are a beautiful portrait of redemptive stories.

  • Ian

    A good Sunday service for me this week. My head pastor has been having health issues recently and was having a planned hospital visit (his testimony is very inspiring) so my youth pastor spoke this week. Title this week was “The full get fulfilled” and he talked about how only if we live our lives acknowledging God in our every day lives and just simply spending time with Him in His presence can we be satisfied in life and have true peace at heart. He spoke out of John 4. Great sermon, really stirred me up. Then at my small group that night God just really showed up in a real way during worship while we were singing Gungor’s Beautiful Things.