Giving Children Ditch-Water Can Change the World [OR] Please Watch the Video I’m Featured In and Share it Like Crazy! #twakeover

Below is a video that I made about an easy opportunity to help folks get access to clean water.  Watch it all the way through… you might end up laughing a bit about how God orchestrated a scenario that made this video great!


To vote, follow this link and click on the compassion logo that looks like the one pictured here.

To get more info on this campagn from the folks at Compassion, see this blog post.

To learn more about Compassion International’s “Water Of Life”, follow this link.


Thanks for getting involved with a cause that has the potential to really change lives!

*A big Thanks to Dale Best for filming and editing this!

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  • So, based on your picture I would have never thought your voice would sound like that. I don’t know exactly what I thought you’d sound like, but that wasn’t it.

    Also: I’m sharing this video because that was pretty cool and clean drinking water is awesome.

    • hahaha. I’m always surprised by my voice too! haha!

  • Great video… the kid in it made it!  I love the “see you on youtube” comment!

  • Awesome video! I too love the comment made by the kid, “see you on YouTube!” We can use these filters here in Albania in the Roma community where they have no fresh water to drink. Is it only Africa that will receive these filters?

    • @fivedills:disqus … Ya… I’m not sure about where else they send filters.  I’d check out their site and consider contacting them or something 🙂

  • Fantastic!  I love it!  Plan on giving this top billing on my Links I Love post tomorrow!  

    • Thanks @878d966e0afabeb22a1d8a3b87fa8b98:disqus !

  • THAT WAS SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Could not have been scripted any better!
    Did you catch any crawdads?

    Thank you JESUS! BOO YAH!!!!!

  • Shmdjh

    How long do these filters last before the water is not safe anymore?

  • That’s awesome stuff. Did he say there was a fish in the pond or the filter tub? Cause that would be amazing if he drank filtered fish water.

  • Gkeen

    7 year old Ethan is my hero!  Way to go Ethan!

  • Pastor David

    I went to East Africa with Compassion, and we tended to concentrate on the SODIS technique which is, likewise, quite revolutionary. Compassion in Canada ended up spinning an entire organization out of itself, called The Water School.  The advantage of the SODIS technique is that the UVA and UVB cleans the bottle as well as the bacterially-compromised water, so there’s no cross-contamination from water-carrying containers.  But I’d be curious to know what this technique’s strengths are, too.  Does it remove all pathogens? Does it remove hard-shell parasites like Guinea worm, etc.

  • So Kurt, you know I love you man, and I’m crazy about water issues.  But we need to think carefully about whether and where the filter you demonstrate is appropriate.  In emergency situations like disasters, refugee camps, and other temporary settings, it could be an absolutely awesome solution depending upon how long the filter lasts–both as a function of time and as a function of volume purified.

    However, in places where people are living their ordinary lives, think about the logistics of having to supply them with an ongoing stream (pun intended) of replacement filters.  There are other solutions–protecting water supplies, bucket/sand filters, and a variety of different technologies–that make more sense in the long haul because they’re more sustainable.

    So I encourage you, and I encourage Compassion, but realize that a self-contained cartridge filter such as you demonstrated, may be a lifesaver in some situations but could become a dependency chain in others.

    Peace, man!

    • @dwmtractor:disqus … filters like this need to be used along with long term development efforts.  I think the short term and long haul needs to be looked at.  As I understand it, this is one of many areas compassion works with. 

      Also, the filter is a “Life time filter.”  Heres info from the site:

      “Each filter is made up of tiny micro tubes with pores hundreds of times
      smaller than the diameter of a human hair. These pores remove deadly
      bacteria and allow only clean water to pass through for drinking. The
      filter effectively eliminates Cholera, Typhoid, E. Coli, Amoebic
      Dysentery, and many other bacterial contaminants.
      After pouring dirty water into the bucket from sources such as lakes,
      rivers, ponds or puddles, the water flows through the filter and comes
      out completely safe to drink.

      Compassion’s Water of Life is also very easy to maintain. When the
      flow-rate slows, the user simply disconnects the primary filter unit and
      rinses it with clear water. Depending upon the level of contaminants in
      the water, some systems may require more frequent rinsing. Unlike other
      filters, this makes the filter sustainable and never needing to be

      • Excellent…thanks for the follow-up info!

        I’ll have to learn more about Compassion’s stuff…that’s pretty impressive!