Share Something Sundays – Tell Me About This Weekend’s Church Gathering (Aug 28, 11)

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On Sunday afternoons I am going to invite you the readers to share a quick thought from your church experiences this past weekend.


  • Something insightful that challenged you in your life with God.
  • Something hilarious that you heard or saw
  • Something visual that you just had to take a picture of (Disqus comments allow you to upload a picture)
  • Something that gave you a vision of the early church
  • Something that felt contrived or superficial (be careful not to gossip here)
  • Something that made you cry
  • Something unique that could benefit other churches and Christians
  • OR Something completely Random

The following Sunday, I will share my favorite “Shared Something” from the previous post and invite readers to repeat the pattern until it gets old and boring.

Here’s a  thought from a reader from last weekend:

At our church, we had a service themed around grace during our 4-month journey through Ephesians (August to November). Not only was the pastor’s exposition of Ephesians 2:1-10 one of the best I’ve ever heard; a lay worship leader who works as a drug and alcohol rehab counsellor also gave a message about giving hope to the most hopeless of people, giving grace to those living with the miseries of being continually shamed by everybody else (something I can identify with b/c of battles with my sexual orientation). The worship leader then led us in congregational singing of Dave Dobbyn’s “Welcome Home,” a Kiwi song celebrating adoption of the stranger. – Paul Clutterbuck

So… share something!

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  • Ron Friesen

    This morning we had lots of “special needs” folks with us, of course, we are all are “special needs” folks when it comes to God. God places these people in our lives to remind us of our special need of Him,

  • Evelyn Sweerts

    Sermon on David, with the question: are you fatt? that’s not a typo! Faithful, available, teachable, team-player. . .
    Plus very excited because I got the pastor’s go-ahead to start an ‘Exploring Anabaptism’ home group 😀 But that’s just a personal bonus.

  • Visited a new church today. Communion was earlier in the service than I’m used to, and the prayer afterwards made it seem like it was time to go. After the sermon on Daniel, a song was sung, and apparently it’s quite the inside understanding because after the chorus everyone started packing up and leaving while the music kept going. I had no clue it was time to go, but I went along with it.

  • My church has a full band that leads worship. Today was one of the first times the sound was “right.” What I mean is, when you play contemporary worship (how he loves) with a full band, part of the experience is getting lost in the music and experiencing the beauty of sound.

    We had glimpses of that today and it was great.

    We also watched the video of the story behind that song and coupled it with a great sermon about the mystery of how God works.

    Probably in my top 10 services at that church.

  • Maggie

    Bull City Vineyard has been meeting in a neighborhood park in the city of Durham for the last 7 weeks.  Tonight as I began to preach a stray dog arrived and he smelled AWFUL…like poop.  No kidding!  Our worship leader and another guy had to chase him around for a while and then tie him up so the service could continue.  Never dull!

  • I spoke this morning and made an innocuous reference to the Rooster Cogburn character from True Grit, adding as an aside that I thought Jeff Bridges was a much better Rooster than John Wayne.  One of the brothers stood and shouted “Blasphemy!”  It was a thing of beauty and it took me a moment to get back on track.

  • I spoke this morning and made an innocuous reference to the Rooster Cogburn character from True Grit, adding as an aside that I thought Jeff Bridges was a much better Rooster than John Wayne.  One of the brothers stood and shouted “Blasphemy!”  It was a thing of beauty and it took me a moment to get back on track.

  • Trupedo_Glastic

    I don’t attend a church but sometimes I get curious about communities here in Berlin, Germany, so I check them out from time to time. The service I went to yesterday was pretty standard, the same Chris-Tomlin-worship songs you hear eyerywhere and one of those the-pastor-narrates-the-text-he-has-just-read-but-in-other-words-sermon. But at the end he prayed and said something along the lines of  “I absolve you from your sins and your fears, your doubts and boundaries…” I found that quite touching, and I have never heard that before. Also, they prayed for specific members of the community which I always find nice because it shows that the cummunity is tight-knit. You don’t hear that much anymore around here due to concerns of data privacy.

  • Anonymous

    I pastor a small baptist church and being the end of summer we had a lot of people out of town, so instead of the 60-70 people that is more the norm we had around 30 or so. While those kind of numbers are not supposed to be a big deal it can be a little discouraging.  I preached on how we are children of God and as his children we are always loved and welcomed home.  At the end of the service one of the tougher ladies in the church as she was leaving said with tears in her eyes that she wished her husband had been there that morning as he just does not get it.  I told her that maybe one day he will but until he does he is still a child of God and still loved and still welcome home!

  • Communion was mine today.  I wrote about it here –

    I also had the chance to recite some of my written work, an act of spoken worship (because no matter how much I try they just won’t let me sing in the worship band, it’s an outrage really – lol ;).  This was something I thought was going to be frightening, but it turned out to be a blast.  I ‘think’ I don’t like to be so dramatic, until I remember how much I actually do!

    I like this Sunday afternoon exercise – it’s fun.  It reminds me though of a sermon I just heard a few weeks back.  It was about how within the church far too often people go to receive, as if that is what the church is there to do.  We show up, sit, sing, listen, and leave.  Then we decide how the sermon was, how the members acted, if the songs were up to par, and what we got out of it.  And that attitude could leave us forgetting what Jesus hoped for His church; a place to commune, pray for one another, fellowship, and give love and encouragement to the body.  So I think another question on your list should be what did you contribute to church this week, and how did that impact you or others?  Just a thought …