The Church is Like a Flash Mob Dance – An Insurrection Movement (Peter Rollins)

I enjoyed this video lots! This comes from the good folks at Work of the People, who create videos to be used in the context of church and various other communities… check them out!


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  • Annvvan Wijgerden

    But, but, but… “The Church is Like a Flash Mob Dance”?? You’ve got to be kidding!? If that’s all we are, or hope to be, then God have mercy on us!! (And the rest of the world would be right to pity us.) The whole point of a flash mob event surely is that it surprises and impresses for a moment. But, apart from that, – for the audience – it’s basically pointless. (For the participants it may have more value.)

    To be honest, when I was first watching this video, I thought Peter Rollins’ angle was going to be along the lines of: this is how Christians see themselves, but this needs to change… Then I realized he was actually advocating this view of the Church. Gulp!  Come on! The world needs a Church that’s there and involved and willing to get her hands dirty for the long term. Not a ‘one-night-stand’, who then disappears, without even the vaguest attempt at relationship.

    … Or did I miss the whole point of what Peter Rollins was trying to say?  :-}

    • It seems that any metaphor has its limitations…I kind of take away that we may need to not take ourselves so seriously all the time but be intentional in all of our interactions to be a part of creating beauty all around us and helping others to not hold their guard so tightly.   The metaphor is in it being beautiful, inspiring, standing out from the norm but not being in your face or condemning, and holding mystique instead of shoving all the “right” answers immediately down your throat.  And truthfully, with all the good the church does, it is not God and does let lots of people down, disappears from people’s lives when it is most needed although it sucked lots of energy from the same person who had a more positive attitude and more energy to give at one time, and all too often gives the illusion of building true relationships which quickly dissolve once someone really becomes needy.  Now of course that’s not all of the time, but those things are all true enough of the time to be sad, which doesn’t seem to be the outcome of flashmobs.  Generally people don’t walk away from them feeling used 🙂