Rob Bell & Oprah talk about what they talk about when they talk about God

Rob Bell & Oprah talk about what they talk about when they talk about God November 5, 2013

I know that many of my friends hate the idea of “Christian celebrities.” I totally get it – although I’m less critical. Rob Bell finds himself in a situation where he can speak to the broader culture. I believe that this is a gift, one that he has for the most part wielded responsibly. His words on Super Soul Sunday build a great bridge to a culture that is spiritual but burned out by the oppressive examples of religion. Here’s a great clip. You can watch the whole interview here.

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  • Richard Worden Wilson

    OH, now I see what people were reacting to after _Love Wins_ came out. Bell was and is still is on a trajectory away from any specific commitment to the Gospel as Jesus actually conveyed it, and away from any commitment to Jesus as the explicit embodiment of God in any conceivable historical development, into the nebulous NOW WORLD of truthiness, the OH WORLD of the (semi?) divine O, into the all too comfortable world of God is WITH US, and FOR US, and AHEAD OF US, and doing everything to make our experience here and hereafter just what we’d want it to be if we were God. Uh, Oh, I don’t think I can go there. Jesus, come soon, and make yourself known in the midst of this vacuous world of words that seem designed to make us feel better about ourselves than we should, more detached from your way of working in history than we should, and farther from you. God direct our thoughts, hearts, and lives, may we center our lives in Christ Jesus, knowing you through the words of your Apostles, and in everything may we depend on you by submission to your Spirit, and by putting our hope in your promises in the Gospel. May your church not be detoured into enticingly inspiring words that only lead back to ourselves; may we instead follow you wherever you lead.