What is Jesus’ Second Advent? Thoughts from Hank Hanegraaff

It may surprise many of my readers to know that one of my early influences in re-thinking major theological paradigms was Hank Hanegraaff, the bible answer man.  If I was in my car during the 3 o’clock hour, it’s guaranteed that I was listening to his radio show.  He gave me space to think about Revelation as something that mostly speaks to a First Century reality (although, I’ve since then decided that I hold to a late-date view rather than his dating as pre- 70 CE).  He gave me language to think about the “rapture” and Christ’s return (second advent) in more biblically sound ways.  He challenged my view of politics and helped me see that what’s good for modern Israel is not always good for God. And although I disagree with him on several issues (theistic evolution, charismatic spirituality, apologetics [not against comparative religion study, but just not as passionate as he argues from a fairly modernist perspective), he is someone I still respect, especially when he says stuff like in this following video.

Advent begins today and with that we start thinking about Christ’s first coming.  Here are some thoughts on his second coming:


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  • I now see the Second Advent as a time of restoration rather than the typical evangelical view, which is “Jesus is gonna come back to take all the good little conservative evangelicals to Heaven while all the other poor suckers left behind are gonna burn to a crisp.”

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I view Jesus’ job as the redeemer that brings the restoration of all things, first with our relation to God, second with the redemption of the world. Because Christians are Christ-like, it’s our job to be acting as redeemers as well until the time arrives when Jesus comes back to finish the job.