Dear Rick Perry-Read “The Myth of a Christian Nation” & Don’t Pick on LGBT Folks

This short video = lame. Really? Obama’s war on religion? And the evidence???? LGBT folks can come out of the closet in the military???? Ya, that’s a real sacrilege… That certainly matters more than the real problem with the military: they kill human beings and fight foolish wars endorsed by self proclaimed followers of Jesus.

My solution to this video? Rick Perry needs to read Greg Boyd’s The Myth of a Christian Nation. Rant, over.


As a bit of a “PS,” Someone on Facebook posted this video wondering if Rick Perry stole his ad from the “Old Fashioned Guy”

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  • As I watched this video, I was so waiting for Perry to say, “And . . . uh, wait a second, there was a third one, I know . . . just give me a minute.”

  • I said this over at Matthew Paul Turner’s blog yesterday. Since when did being gay become a religion? Because these things are two different categories entirely.

  • what a tool.

  • But, if Rick Perry read a book would he still be Rick Perry?

  • As a conservative who believes that homosexual sex is sin, I am befuddled by Perry’s ad. He doesn’t speak for me.
    As a Texan, I want to be on record as saying he has done a lot of things as governor which do not reflect what I believe to be Christian values.

    • Thanks for your great comment @middletree:disqus !

      • Xcxormv

        DANG! (Can I say dang here?) Oh Well. Dang. I was hoping sooo hoping that you guys would elect him THE PREZ, so we could get him OUTTA TEXAS! Gigs up I guess.

  • Anonymous

    What’s with him?  My kids can still celebrate Christmas in school.   As for prayer in school, it’s been gone since the ’60’s, hasn’t it?  Since then we’ve had more than a few Republican presidents.  Why isn’t it Nixon’s or Reagan’s or Bush’s or Bush’s war on religion?  And gays?  How about just loving them like anybody else?  Isn’t that what Christians are supposed to do?   Ugh!

    • KingsofZion

      You make some great distinctions.

  • Lilly

    I will never understand this business about no Christmas or prayer in school.  I have prayed in groups and alone all the way through graduate school and no one has ever told me I could not.  Albeit my professors didn’t lead the prayer, but I”m glad they never did. 
    And the idea that we have a problem with those willing to die for our freedom simply saying that they are gay in public is still beyond my comprehension.  Perry is grasping at straws. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t live in the USA but I’m confused. How are children stopped from praying in school? How is that done exactly and how would anyone know they were doing it, anyway?

    • Xcxormv


  • Um, way to throw in clips from “The State.” I loved that show. Perry’s clip is almost self-satirical. It is exactly what someone making fun of him would do.

  • Evelyn

    “I’ll fight liberal attacks on our faith heritage” ?
    Pur-leeze. That’s stoopid on so many levels I can’t even separate them. I’ll start and end  with the Constitutional separation of church and state. Suggests to me the president of the state should not be doing anything about the state of the faith.

    • When I showed my mom this video, she said, “Who’s attacking it?”

  • Anonymous

    Well said.

  • Stephen Oller

    The deep irony I see here is that, in the same sentence, we’ll say how we should love all people, even homosexuals, and them immediately start spewing radically hateful comments about Rick Perry.

  • JM

    Good thing there’s a MUCH more sane, balanced, informed, consistent and honest Texan running against Perry.  😉 

    (You know I had to give a Ron Paul shout-out somewhere on here, Kurt!) 

  • Jonathan Aigner

    I find this very awkward.  Why exactly would we want to continue our “faith tradition,” which includes nominal Christian professions and the slaughtering of millions of other image-bearers?

    It’s times like this I’m glad I’m back home in Texas.  I wouldn’t want to have to explain this fella to my Chicago friends.  

  • Anonymous

    He has an interesting take on the armed forces, too, it seems to me. Isn’t the armed forces, considering their mandate, not fraught with all
    kinds of moral dilemmas? It seems a bit weird and overly fussy to be worried about
    homosexuality in the ranks when they are required to kill people at

  • While Perry is over the top, grasping at straws, has a bad memory, is cheesy, needs a make-over, is a bit of a political bafoon and would do well to read Boyd’s book surely, it’s your comment “they kill human beings and fight foolish wars endorsed by self proclaimed followers of Jesus” which puzzles me. Are you saying George W was a “self-proclaimed” follower of Jesus, or the man in office now still carrying out and adding to those wars (and yes, he’s ending one) is a “self-proclaimed” follower of Jesus? I think it’s a bit of a stretch to take shots at either over the issue of war, or any other “endorser” of a particular war. It sounds as if you’re suggesting they aren’t followers of Jesus, to me anyways. I remember a guy named Hitler and Jews being killed like flies and a war called, um, WW2. War is ugly, war is a last resort, and war is not anything I for one, like to see. But your comment rings of bias against those who have to make the tough choice to wage them and the soldiers brave enough to sacrifice and fight them – and often on righteous grounds. Just my two cents Kurt.    

  • Larry Linn

    If an American citizen is not a Christian, or a heterosexual, Perry will never protect that citizens rights!

  • KingsofZion

    This sounds like a great example of Christians and politics. I understand his (Perry’s) frustration and I have to say that despite the obvious, I respect him for being willing to just totally destroy his life by making an ass (reflecting on the discussion on cussing) of himself. 

    I do believe Christians founded our nation regardless of what someone’s book states.  It’s totally obvious in the writings from the era.  I don’t think that it was intended that we stay that way though.  The world’s politics and Kingdom principles don’t really mix very well. Or, not at all.Founding America: I think it was God’s way of buying us more time. The shake-down in Europe necessitated it. The great thing for Him in “knowing the end from the beginning” is that there are no surprises.

    Being active politically isn’t the same thing as “running the joint.”  The temptation to not “speak the truth in love” would be too much of a temptation. What is it about continually trying to avoid persecution?  Chicken syndrome. I’ve got it too.