‘Razing Hell’ Sounds a Lot Like ‘Love Wins’ (Sharon Baker and Doug Pagitt)

From Doug Pagitt Radio:

I will be reading this book in the next month or so and will post my thoughts. At this point, I think I agree with much she has to say. But, the book will be my final determining factor.

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  • guest

    Hey Kurt (I am fellow anabaptist teaching at a Mennonite school) and I love your blog. In addition to Sharon’s book, Rob needed to also reference 
    The Evangelical Universalist [Paperback]Gregory MacDonald


    Her Gates Will Never Be Shut: Hell, Hope, and the New Jerusalem [Paperback]Bradley Jersak 

    Along with Sharon’s book, these are two great books that moved me from  the traditional view of eternal punishment to the view that God will forever offer his mercy and grace to those that did not know him (for whatever reason) in this life. These three books are better at challenging the traditional view than Bell’s book. 

    Thanks for the heads up on the “Love Wins” hymn. I am not a hymn guy, so I had never heard that one before. I liked the words so much I turned into a contemporary christian P&W song. Hope to teach it to some of my musically gifted students. 


    C Michael

    • What a great comment. Not sure where I will land when my studies are all done… at this time I lean toward a modified conditional immortality perspective. We shall see where it all ends up 😉 Thanks so much.
      Kurt Willems

  • David

    might i also recommend “Raising Hell” by Julie Ferwerda.  i’m not sure which one came first