Rethinking “Green Pastures” in Psalm 23… Wow! (Ray Vander Laan)

Sheep in desert pastures need a shepherd to lead them. There is sufficient grass, but it is sparse. Sheep left on their own will wander searching for grass and eventually die. Staying close to their shepherd is a matter of life and death.

This clip is an excerpt from Ray Vander Laan’s full-length Faith Lessons™ Vol. 12, Walking with God in the Desert.

View more clips and access the full-length Faith Lessons™ video series at:

"Thanks for that. A lot of information and references there."

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  • kd sullivan

    Thank you for this!  I will never look at Psalm 23 the same again!  We have truly been led through green pastures always.  God is so faithful.

  • Pmpope68

    Beautiful.  God always provides just what we need, which often is less than what we want or imagine.

  • Adam Ranck

    Wow. Another instance where a lack of perspective can greatly influence our interpretation of Scripture. The Holy Spirit still teaches us, but to discover context greatly opens our eyes to the truth.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Ben Emerson

    That is cool. I need to check out some more of his stuff.

  • Bob Freeman

    Awesome.  Truly gives new meaning to “Give us this day our daily bread”.   Like Ben, I need to check out more of Ray’s teachings. Great post Kurt.

  • Kathy Vincent

    Nice! I liked the comment, “The Shepherd will get you what you need right now.”  Thank you, Kurt.

  • Annvanwijgerden

    Wow, thank you for passing this on… Just what I need this Sunday morning.