The Book of Common Prayer in 4 Minutes (funny and helpful)

The Book of Common Prayer. Compelling. Beautiful. Yet Daunting! Episcopal priest, the Rev. Matthew Moretz, presents the Book of Common Prayer in its entirety in four (4) minutes, with the help of his friend, Jehosephat. The Book of Common Prayer is the key worship resource for the people of the Episcopal Church. And it is awesome. This video is perfect for Confirmation classes or General Ordination Examination review sessions!

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  • Bert Montgomery

    thanks for posting this, Kurt!

  • Bert Montgomery

    thanks for posting this, Kurt!

  • Travis Mamone

    I also love Father Matthew’s video on biblical inerrancy.

    Even though I identify myself as a Lutheran, I use the Book of Common Prayer for daily Bible readings.

  • Kellen Freeman

    I’m impressed with this. I wish more churches would outline their beliefs in a quick video. I’ve been Methodist for all my life and had to go to seminary to really learn anything solid about my denomination.