My Interview with Donald Miller & Steve Taylor about Blue Like Jazz Film

My Interview with Donald Miller & Steve Taylor about Blue Like Jazz Film March 19, 2012

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**** A Quick Note: I hope that the noise of the coffee shop doesn’t throw you off. Let me just say that I had a great time chatting with Donald and Steve both on and off camera – what great and down to earth guys. They are on an exhausting tour promoting their movie and I am grateful that they took a short bit of their morning to chat with me about the project.

In theaters April 13.
Official Site:
Director: Steve Taylor

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  • Great. Thanks for asking them about harsh treatments of evangelicals.  Don looked bored till you asked that at the 18:15 mark, then he got some life in him.

    The background noise: Was this done in a busy diner?  Hospital cafeteria? Back alley?

  • I’ll have to watch this when I get home.  But I am looking forward to it as I like the idea of the film and I am a big fan of Steve Taylor as a lyricist and musician.  

    I’ll say this, the snapshot from the video above, I could tell who was who simply because I recognized Steve’s beak. No offense, Steve!

  • Joshuatru

    A tech question, how do you record chats?

  • Mike

    Awesome, Steve Taylor was one of my favorites back in the 80’s, I wanna be a clone, love it.

  • Chris

    Kurt, thanks for picking my question about sucess/rotten tomatoe scores. I’m glad it added to the conversation!