I AM Sorry: An Apology to Gays, Atheists and More… Spoken Word Video!


I AM Sorry: An Apology to Gays, Atheists and More… Spoken Word

I am sorry, I apologize
not for who I am, a Christian
but the lies
carried out under the guise of my Savior
Jesus Christ

We have all been hurt
we’ve all been offended
at one time or another
by some religious folks,
with good intentions

So first I’d like to say
I’m sorry to you atheists for the way
some have treated you, reviled you,
and argued you to the ground
instead of having open conversation
and letting love abound.

And if you’re gay
I’m sorry to you too
You see it’s been some of my brothers and sisters who
have not treated you well
condemning all of you to Hell
And not showing, indiscriminately, a love that’s contagious,
acting more like Satan’s spawn then
Jesus who came to save us.

I apologize to women who throughout church history
Have been relegated to staying at home
With no voice of their own.
But in Christ there is neither, Jew or Greek
Neither Slave or Free
Neither man or his sidekick.
All are equal
And are under the same
The one who is above all others names.

To my Catholic friends I am sorry
for those that want to throw you out.
You have a pope, of which I don’t agree
but that doesn’t mean you’re so much different than me.

I’m sorry for war,
specifically done in Jesus name,
Jesus said who lives by the sword
will die by the same.
How much more shame to the ones who killed for His fame?

I’m sorry to the poor,
Jesus said watch after you when He left
There are so many of you yet,
And He won’t soon forget the actions of His followers.

I’m sorry for those Christian movies, music, and art
Some being poorly constructed works
with the name of Jesus at the heart.
I thought we were to do
everything to our best,
but is our best not as good
as the best of other men?

But I’m not sorry and I won’t apologize
for my belief in a God who sees through all our lies
through the messes that we make
through the pain that we cause.
and still loves us just the same
just look at His son

For while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
Its this thought that I claim
that we love
everyone no matter at what stage of life people are.

And I’m not sorry for
the millions who came before
and the millions who’ll come after
who have lived humble lives
faithfully followed Christ
and have changed the world forever!

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  • and I ‘m sorry for Muslims too. 

  • henry

    Whereas I’m not ! I am sorry for the things you’ve done, the the things you believe. Do not expect me to condone or accept these things – they’re wrong doings!!
    Someone has to take a stand and say no this is wrong thinking and unless you change your ways you’re going to hell. It would be nice to say oh it’ll be alright but it won’t!
    Accept Jesus as lord, repent and change your ways and that’s all…

    • @1c3020950282bba2d937f28845d09ddf:disqus … this is the most unbiblical looking psuedo-evangelism that I’ve seen in quite some time on this blog.

      I’m tempted to erase this, but rather, leave it to demonstrate that some Christians have hate-filled things to say that are not justifiable by the biblical text or the Spirit of God who raised Christ Jesus from the dead.

      • Dinoplaysbass

        Kurt, please correct me if I’m wrong but I see the point of your blog as an apology for the lack of love shown by Christians NOT as an endorsement or even a defense of above listed lifestyles. Jesus loved the lost, and got into it with the religious.

        • My point in that response/comment was that Jesus never talk to “outsiders” that way. Jesus always showed compassion and love. Not only so, but the only sermons that warn of hell are always sermons directed at the religious not at folks outside of the faith. This commentor was absolutely out of line biblically. We have even further examples of what you tangelos and looks like in the book of acts. Notice that there is no condemning language used towards anyone who is not a “Jew.”
          KURT WILLEMS

          • Further, Jesus made efforts to welcome all outsiders into the presence of God. Which isn’t to say repentance isn’t necessary. But it wasn’t the gays that Jesus (or John the Baptist) called to repent. It was those that were oppressing the people (pharisees and tax collectors, rich young rulers, etc). But when those people *did* repent, his ways of welcoming them received the exact kind of rebuke that  Henry gave here.

            So, um, congratulations, I guess, Henry?

    • Ian

      Change my ways or I’m going to Hell? Sounds like works based salvation to me. Have you kept every little bit of the Law? If not then you ought to treat some one who sins “worse” than you with love and acceptence just like the Father

  • I’m sorry for the unnecessary spoken word videos that would feel more sincere if they weren’t set to a basic rhyming structure.

  • Aaron

    Thanks for the video kurt, in a round about way it actually helped answer a question I had asked you via facebook a couple weeks ago.

  • While I agree with Kellen, that these videos popping up do seem somewhat forced into this quasi-rap/spoken word space that requires an awkward semi-successful rhyming scheme; I also agree that the message is pretty spot on. I’m glad to be hearing more of this message, and I think there’s a limit to the regrowth the the christian church can achieve without a degree of speaking out about all the things that have been done in the name of God, the reasons for why some many can’t stand us. 

    As much as it’s one of the least consequential of the bunch, this stanza stuck out the most to me: 
    I’m sorry for those Christian movies, music, and artSome being poorly constructed workswith the name of Jesus at the heart.I thought we were to doeverything to our best,but is our best not as goodas the best of other men?

    This has been a pretty big gripe of mine fora very long time. Why is it that christian art and music has to suck so badly. Sure, some of it’s good, but for the most part, not really. At least, not when you judge it by the same standard as you judge secular music. Why do when need our own category at the Grammy’s? We’ve essentially been relegated to the special olympics, saying the we need our own category, because we’re not fir to compete with everyone else. Like he said, we were called to do our very best at everything we do. Everything we make should be the best there is out there. 

  • I like the content.

    But the art is sincerely lacking. This makes Christians look well-meaning, just not very creative. 

    I hate that Spoken Word, as an art form, is being hijacked by these sorts of videos.

    Interested in real spoken word? Here is my favorite artist. Aside from excellent form, it actually has prophetic power. 


  • Charlie

    Are spoken word poets the new prophets of our time?? Bob Dylan, watch out!!!

    It’s a great message. It definitely needed to be said. I applauded out loud when he said he still wouldn’t apologize for believing in God. As Christians, we shouldn’t apologize for being who we are and believing what we believe. And we DEFINITELY shouldn’t have to apologize for those who came before us. They weren’t perfect, neither are we. We’re all doing our best. I think that despite what you think about the issues he addressed, THIS is a tremendously important starting point for churches and Christians.