What the World thinks of the USA

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  • Robertnevillemd

    I’m not sure what is worse, the provocative posts or me trolling for them.
    You can imagine my predictable response to this so I’ll save my fingers the misery of tapping it out on this tiny little keyboard. :)

  • Dan Segale

    I will say there is nothing like sweeping assumptions like the ones made in all three videos. Do I really have concern for what the middle east thinks about what the media shows the middle east? No.

    I do care when folks make comments that are more like a wish list or through a crystal ball.

  • Corky Riley

    I normally enjoy your essays but I don’t know who these people are and who they represent. Iknow that the U.S. has a number of criticsall over the Mid East. I am open to debate and discussion but it would be more helpful if here could be a little more info to set up the point at issue for the post. I don’t think these few men represent the world. I think the U.S. has a lot of room for improvement and much to answer for but many of the men and women we are giving a forum to speak  represent the worst of humanity. We are not a perfect Country but much of the critism from ”the world” is not given out of the spirit of good will but to do damage. The real question is what do these men or world representers want us to do. When this question is answered we will have a good deal more light to see with. Corky