A girl’s message to Christians about love! Great video!

A great video…

Also see her thoughts after the video…

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  • RT

    This was great! While I am not sure what is in the hearts of
    some of my fellow Christians (for that matter I am not always sure what is in my
    own heart at times), it seems that some have not embraced the new covenant that
    was established by Christ. These Christians seem to want to follow the Lord
    while living under the binds of the old covenant.

    The old covenant as it presented in the Old Testament is
    about obedience. However, the New Testament presents a new covenant based on love
    and forgiveness.

    The new covenant does ask for obedience, but it is an obedience
    tempered by love. Under the old covenant, obedience came mainly from external
    pressure put upon the individual by others. Obedience under the new covenant comes
    mainly from within the person. It is generated by their desire to be more like
    the Lord. The new covenant obedience calls for love and forgiveness of others.

    I do understand that sometimes we do need to reach out to
    those that have gone astray. However, when we do, we should do it in a manner
    called for under the new covenant. In other words, it should be with love and