Out of the valley, into the Pathway

Recently when reading the 23rd Psalm for the upteenth time, I was struck by the psalmist’s words, “Yea thou I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me…” I was inspired to think about this “valley of the shadow of death” and what this meant to me. Here’s what I realized:

I was clear I had been there and that it was not death—it was an illusion. It’s what we assume might happen, it’s our fear of death or whatever we fear could kill us. It’s holding our worst case scenario so close in front of our eyes that we are paralyzed and nearly blinded by our escalating doubts and fears.

The greater risk is that if we continue to follow our current train of thought, persist in these beliefs and grow more deeply rooted in our fears, we’ll lay the perfect groundwork to manifest our most dreaded outcomes. These will unfold mechanically through our focused attention and, like everything else, by right of consciousness.

Ernest Holmes words illumined my valley with the bright light of Truth. He wrote, “There is an eternal springtime in my soul.  Always rising but never setting is the sun of my destiny.  I refuse to worry about anything.  I have complete confidence that the God who is always with me is able and willing to direct everything I do, to control my affairs, to lead me into the pathway of peace and happiness.”

His words supported my shift from experiencing myself as trapped in the “valley of the shadow of death”, to turn on a dime, in mind, change my thinking and change my life experience—immediately.

How can we turn on a dime, shift our thinking and change our beliefs?

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