Who Are We?

Our limited point of view is rooted in these outworn beliefs:
1. that life shapes us into who we are
2. that events create themselves
3. that we are fundamentally helpless
4. that we must learn to cope with negativity and handle adversity and put up with poverty and disease and all manner of what can only be described as Hell.

Until we obliterate this old nonsense, we are not ready to stand up and be noticed, which is what every soul wants; to be seen and heard for who they really are.

The merging of Science and Spirituality will save the day. There is a growing recognition of the Universe as alive and conscious and that we are alive and conscious in it, perhaps arising out of what it is. The oneness equation inevitably leads to the conclusion that we have an unlimited potential, that there is a universal aspect to our consciousness. We are the local expression of something transcendent

Ernest Holmes (1887-1960) wrote:

“the greatest minds of the ages have accepted that such a pattern exists. Socrates called it his spirit; Jesus named his Father within. Some ancient mystics referred to it as the Atman. Why don’t you just call it you, your complete self? For surely this is what they all have meant.”

We have the potential for happiness and prosperity, love and joy, creative self expression and physical vitality such as we haven’t even begun to reveal.
We are renewed or awakened to our true self as we transform our limited point of view about who we are. It is by identification with the More of us that we notice the presence of real power right where we are; the power to make all things new.

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