Cone Zones

While sitting in traffic last week, I composed a new driving mantra: “I love cone zones! Sounds crazy? Yes? But really, I am.  True, construction delays certainly take their toll (yes, every pun intended) on our everyday lives, but I know eventually I will appreciate and take advantage of the end result. What I don’t like is that uncomfortable in between time. Sound familiar? Hum, growth can be frustrating and aggravating?  So how can I be thankful for the construction? Let’s face it. Our lives are in a constant state of change.  The election is over and whether your candidate was elected or not, your proposition passed or failed, it’s all a part of a constructive plan unfolding. Everything that is changing will change again soon enough. The real estate market bounces up and down and will do so again and again.  Leaders come and leaders go.  People come into our lives and people leave our lives. But now, more than ever, we’re being forced to expand our knowledge and flex our daily living skills in our high-tech world. Have you tried to get a “live body” on the phone when calling your medical carrier or credit card company?  If we don’t begin accepting this growth process, and insist on playing our eight-track tapes of the past, we’ll find ourselves lost and even more frustrated by our inability to live a peaceful day-to-day life. Yes, it can be exhausting! But, we are living in a world that requires us to adapt. So how to we do it? Bless the construction! Bless the process! Bless the evolution taking place all around us!  The sooner we move into a state of gratitude and acceptance, the sooner our minds and, yes, our bodies, become more receptive and adaptable to the changes. Realizing that you and I are always at “the point of gain” allows us to accept life’s goodness, even if it appears to be under construction at the time. Resistance builds resentment, and resentment manifest in our body as stress!  Remember – regardless of the outward appearances of any situation or condition — you are always at the point of gain! Perhaps reframing the stress and frustration we face while we’re moving through our changes will allow us to realize our Divine nature – that we are a celebration of Spirit operating in human form!  Wow! What a responsibility we have, and what freedom we have in choosing our response to those temporary growth challenges and traffic jams, literally and figuratively.  Let’s try a new approach.  When you find yourself in a cone zone and things are moving slowly in life, try aligning yourself with that Presence within by saying, “I am filled with vitality, I am willing to trust, I let go of self-pity, I am always at a point of gain. Whatever roadblocks, challenges, fears or limitations I have in my life are dissolved today as I accept the truth about myself.  I am a whole and perfect expression of Spirit.  In my heart I have always known this, and now I proclaim it joyously!  I am so grateful for the cone zones in my life!” I feel better already…


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