Are You In the Holiday Spirit?

I am a self-professed Christmaholic.  I love the season—the lights, the music, the presents, the food, even the snow.  However, I found myself getting burned out by all the fun activities I tried to cram onto an already full plate.  Why must Christmas fall at a time when I’m so busy


Historically, Christmas came during the off-season.  In an agrarian society, the winter holidays were a time of rest after the busy harvest of fall.  It was when we could reflect on the bounty provided to us by an abundant universe.  Then came the Industrial Revolution and urbanization, and our lives changed, but not our holiday rituals.  It’s hard to get into the spirit of celebration when we are running ourselves ragged trying to get it all done.


Ernest Holmes teaches that we are infinite beings, entitled to our Good.  As a matter of fact, Holmes says that our Good is our God.  What if our Good is to stay connected to Spirit through the holidays?  What if it’s possible to have a relaxing, fun, joy-filled holiday season without the stress?  What if our Good this season is to celebrate the SPIRIT of the season, that Spirit that is always uplifting and supporting each of us?


Being in the holiday spirit means more than drinking a cup of eggnog and humming a few holiday tunes.  It means being fully present with the seasonal transition from a time of activity to a time of rest, and staying connected to the Source within.  We do this by paying attention to our intuition and being available to feeling the connection between all life.


Two thousand years ago, a teacher came to earth to show us that we can facilitate the revelation of heaven on earth.  It is this man’s birth we ostensibly celebrate this time of year.  Let’s remember the Spirit this season, and look for the Good. Let’s take time to breathe, and enjoy the many gifts that we have in our daily lives. Let’s look for opportunities to exhibit kindness, and overlook the opportunities for anger.  When someone cuts us off in the parking lot at the mall or counts out their grocery payment in pennies when we’re in a hurry, let’s show the Holiday Spirit by treating them all as fellow travelers on this adventure of life.


Come to think it, let’s do that every season.

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