Peace and Goodwill

I read my first religious complaint of the season this morning in our newspaper. Seems some retailer has put a Nativity Scene up in their store window and opened the annual clash of cultures. So off we go. Now every group opposed to any public display of the Christian religion will be vigilantly scoping out every nook and cranny to find and publicize any infraction and any politically incorrect sentiment, ready to launch into protest if anything “too” religious occurs on public property or with public money. The public schools will scrutinize their programs; government buildings will spend hours insuring there are no Christian symbols or icons in their lobbies. Retailers will vet their music selections and censor their window displays with all intentions for political correctness. On the other hand, Christians will begin to urge boycotts on stores that don’t celebrate in their way and editors will receive letter after letter insisting that we are a Christian nation and recounting every example of lost religious privilege from prayer in school to the seasonal greeting of “Happy Holidays” as opposed to “Merry Christmas”. The worse thing is all of this conflict occurs right in the middle of and in direct opposition to what we all want. Peace and goodwill.

Now in all fairness I do understand both sides. I appreciate and respect diversity and sensitivity and I also have a high regard for all individual pathways to Spirit. What I don’t understand or condone is action that in any way blocks the path of love and light. Protesting and fighting has never nor will ever produce peace and goodwill. That pathway can only be achieved through understanding, mutual respect and mutual understanding. And while I fully understand the power of the words we use and the requirement to put our intention into action by way of sensitivity, receptivity and awareness I think that all of us should just cool down a bit when we, at least, share the same goal. I really don’t care if someone lovingly and joyfully wishes me a “Merry Christmas” or a “Happy Holidays”, I’m just grateful for the sentiment and the love.
So with that in mind, I wish you all a Merry Holidays and Happy Solstice or whatever you choose to call it. What I want for you most is that you enjoy peace and goodwill.

Blessings, Kenn

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