Love is What You Are

As we cross the threshold into “Love Month” I am reminded of something the poet Rumi once said:  “When I tried to write about Love, the nib of my pen broke.  When I tried to explain Love, I found myself floundering like a donkey on a muddy trail.”

  Kabir Helminski, a translator of Rumi, adds:

            “No one is a greater master of the knowledge of Love than Rumi.  No one has written  more deeply or more extensively about Love than he did, yet he could not explain Love.  To explain anything you need something more subtle or comprehensive with which to explain it.  Love created this vast theater of existence in order to manifest and express its    beauty. There is nothing more subtle or comprehensive with which to explain Love, because Love IS the final explanation of everything.”

 Yes — the Universe created by Love, for Love, as Love. Where we came from, where we are going, why we are here and what it’s all about.  Love is what we are – each of us standing on Earth both as incarnations of Love and as portals through which Love expresses into the world.

So here’s a lovely poem from Hafiz, another wonderful Middle Eastern poet, to inspire your beingness and your expression as Love:

It Happens All the Time in Heaven

It happens all the time in heaven,
And some day

 It will begin to happen
Again on earth –

That men and women who are married,
And men and men who are

And women and women
Who give each other

Often will get down on their knees

And while so tenderly
Holding their lover’s hand,

With tears in their eyes,
Will sincerely speak, saying,

“My dear,
How can I be more loving to you;

How can I be more

Peace, Joy and most of all Love to you as you travel this most amazing path.






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