Who Really Changes?

I’ve been thinking that some things (aka people) need to start changing to fit into my life. As soon as a travel down that road, I soon realize in order to effect change within someone else, I have to effect it within myself first. Instead of falling back into old patterns of behavior, like trying to “fix” someone else, I need to allow myself to be a little uncomfortable in the situation and see where I am in my life. How often do we actually sit “in” the uncomfortable situation without feeling the need to change it right away or embark upon finding an immediate solution. I’ve been learning to sit more and just be still – and maybe even listen! It’s been a wonderful spiritual practice.

I’m understanding more and more that spiritual connections are personal connections. One size does not “fit all”. While compassion and caring are the ties that bind us together in mutual understanding, it’s really the unified attempt to uncover the Divinity in each other that makes a difference. The need for spiritual intimacy (think of it as “in-to-me-see”) is common in all of us. The only difference is how we choose to express ourselves. No need to change anyone else, Spirit is alive and well in them – just as it is in you and in me.

I’ve also come to the conclusion using words that begin with “in” (for example, inclination, inherited, intellect, individuality, instinct, inspiration, intuition, indwelling) are helpful as I re-create my spiritual connection: I use them more and more often during my spiritual journey. At the same time in our search for a greater connection, we may feel overwhelmed by what we are missing rather what we currently have in our lives. In the end, I believe in my heart more things are right in life than wrong – more people are good rather than not – and that we are moving in the general direction of life, love, truth, abundance, joy and happiness.

Lastly, the ultimate “truth” I want to show my family, friends and co-coworkers is to live by example. Teaching by example can move the world more than any doctrine. So what do I plan to do about all this? I’m aiming to set my sights on realizing my own spiritual connection and then sharing it with the world by living my life in integrity and love. No need to change anyone – just accept them as they are. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s so simple, isn’t it?

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