Dr. Holmes Quote from Vancouver conference

I’m just home from a marvelous conference in Vancouver, Canada. What a treat. At the conference I was blessed to speak too many of our people on Friday morning and I have received quite a few requests to supply the quote I used from Dr. Holmes. I thought this would be a good place to post it. It comes from the forward of his first book, “Creative Mind”, which was published in 1917.
Enjoy! Dr. Kenn

THE hand of eternal progress is brushing the cobwebs from the corridors of time and is again revealing to the human race the mysteries of being. As there is “nothing new under the sun,” the searchlight of Truth is bringing to light only what has been known to the few in all generations. The time has now come when the few must become the many. The whole world, from the least to the greatest, must know the Truth, so that man may understand the great laws that govern his life. He must learn to control his own destiny, to heal his own body and bring happiness to his own soul. Ignorance must vanish and understanding must be ushered in. Man is no longer to be governed by anything outside himself. Creeds, doctrines, churches, institutions, organizations, governments are all being changed to give place to the realization of the individual. There is a power in and through all that is working this great transformation. All that will not measure up to the standard must fall by its own weight; all that is in line with the Truth must still prosper. The time is at hand; we are in the greatest age of all history; we are in the age of the unifying of all people and all things into the “Ever Present One.” “The temple not made with hands” is now being silently built by the emancipated souls of this planet.

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