A Blessing for the New Pope

First off, I celebrate the new Pope and congratulate all of the people of the Catholic faith. I pray that Pope Francis is as compassionate, wise, caring and clear as his supporters purport him to be. What the world needs now is another dedicated Spiritual Leader who truly walks in truth and has the courage to stand up for all human rights and all of the people on this planet. His role is far more powerful and far-reaching than one could ever imagine. I support his stand for the disempowered, disenfranchised and economically alienated of the world. I’m happy that he comes from a continent other than Europe and I’m encouraged by his compassionate vision and talk of love. It will take a very faithful, courageous and strong leader to transform the existing structure of the Catholic Church and I truly trust that he will be Divinely guided and supported by Spirit. 

            The Pope is the Divine emissary of 1.2 billion followers and I pray that he is who the church maintains him to be; an honest, faithful leader who is open to change and who embraces a moral probity and charity of soul instead of the dogma and superstition we have so often witnessed over the last two thousand years. For him to be whom we are led to believe he is, he must be an uncommon and extraordinary man and I trust that Spirit will raise him up and out of some of his reported prejudices. Pope Francis is on record opposing abortion, contraception, divorce and homosexuality. It is his claim that same sex marriage is “a destructive pretension against the plan of God.”  I want Pope Francis to be evolutionary in his ability to embrace the dispossessed. It is time that the dogmas, doctrines, prejudices and agendas of thousands of years be dissolved and I am very clear that in order to do this the structures of the past must be changed. The first step of that change is always the same, one must change the leader before one can change the organization. Last week we saw that step taken. The next step is to see how really in touch with the world this man is.

            What we need today in this role is a leader who will not trade equality and justice for superstition, one who is not afraid to face the fear of loss in order to get advantage over others; one who is open to a new idea and to rational thought; one who is courageous enough to think for himself and not retreat to the well worn path of thought that demonstrates what we have today, as opposed to what we need now; one whose integrity is of greater value than their vanity and who will not allow greed or ego to eclipse their faith and soul. Let’s know that Pope Francis is guided by a Power greater than that of the Catholic Church and that he is an asset in creating a world that works for all.

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