Changing boxes….

Changing Boxes

I’m facing a significant on Saturday. I’m moving from one of the boxes I frequently check – that little box on surveys where I have to indicate my age range.

I’d not given it a lot of thought until recently, but this year, I’m being forced into a new category: the 50 and over category. I’d like to think as we slide from one demographic category to another, we become wiser, more educated and spiritually evolved.

Like the old boxes I used to check, my new age-range box has many opportunities for reflection as well as growth. Funny, when I look back at my most difficult experiences, those that seemed at the time to be “life altering,” most of them are simply memories now. Rather than mountains I had to climb and overcome, in retrospect, now they seem like little more than blips on life’s radar screen – a brief history lesson and no more. In the face of all of my challenges, I not only survived but ultimately thrived. When I surrender to the Divine Ideal, it always manifests for my higher good. Perhaps it’s because at the core of my being, I had a good foundation, one I may not have realized was there at the time.

The same is true for you.

The possibilities for the Divine Ideal to unfold and for our personal growth are all around us – awaiting our recognition and revelation of our true foundation. Life, at any age, is inviting us to dance, to celebrate what’s good and make the world a better place.

Each of us experiences discord, misery, and unhappiness at some point in our lives. The difference is that some like to stay there and bask in the despair, sharing it daily with all of their friends and family. Others choose to co-create a different world by the Divine within them that creates change and improves the quality of life. We have both choices available to us — one just yields a better result. Rather than running or hiding or being immobilized by our challenges, let’s face them head on with gusto, strength, and resolve.

You have the power within you to live a good…no, great life! It can never be taken from you. It will never leave you – even in your darkest hour. The Divine flows through you and is continually present.

I’m clear – it’s time for me to move boxes!

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