A Personal Purpose

A personal purpose for life is probably the most gratifying of all intentions.  When fulfilled, it motivates and attracts everything else.  When not fulfilled, it represses, depresses, and repels everything that brings joy to the individual.

I did not always know this.  I used to think that what was missing in my life could be solved by having more stuff.  I reference my own personal practices often: contemplation, meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment.  The thing about these spiritual practices is that I did not start them with the intention to recognize or uncover a personal purpose for life; I began in order to get something.  As I developed, I found the stuff I thought was the answer was not filling the void.  No matter; I am still grateful for that mistaken belief because it moved me to practice, and practice awakened me to the real solution.

Many of us came to the teachings of Science of Mind seeking a means to make our material lives richer and found instead that our inner lives were enriched.  Many began with a belief that material things were missing and having more stuff would fill the emptiness we felt.  And why not?  We, in Western society, have been taught we can, and indeed should, have all the material good of life.  Inherently, we know this is not true.  If having things were the answer, we would be the happiest people since time began.  We live in the wealthiest society that has ever existed, and still, there is a gnawing within us that seems to be ceaseless.  In the tenth century, the ruler of Spain, Caliph Abd-erRahman III, said:

“Riches and honors, power and pleasure have waited on my call, nor does any earthly blessing appear to have been wanting to my felicity.  In this situation, I have diligently numbered the days of pure and genuine happiness that have fallen to my lot.  They have numbered 14.”

Two weeks is not much of a payoff for having everything, but it does prove once again that looking outside ourselves for the answer is not the answer.  Disciplined practice of self-knowing and Spirit-centered connection, no matter why it is instigated, inevitably evolves into something greater.  An original pursuit of pleasure and stuff becomes a larger view of connection and contribution to life.  The desire for personal preferences is never lost. What we discover is these preferences direct us to the practice that slakes the unquenchable thirst for purpose.

Spiritual practice uncovers our connection with all and facilitates the evolution of our individual consciousness to the recognition of the real value of life.  When you see this in your day-to-day experiences, your days are filled with pure and genuine happiness.

No matter what path you take to discover your spiritual good, if it is true, it leads you to yourself.  Spiritual Practice is self-knowing.

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