Father’s Day

Father’s Day…. Standing at the hundreds of cards in the store, I would read one after another and put it back, because I couldn’t find one I could relate to. I didn’t have a great childhood. I didn’t know how to participate in the holiday until I decided to honor the Father of us all – God.
For a long time, I cringed when someone called The Divine “God” or “Father” and I knew this was because of my history. However, after I got in this teaching, I felt I was losing an essential part of my Beingness by negating the masculine aspects of the Divine.

Dr. Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science, the faith tradition that is taught at the Centers for Spiritual Living, defines “Masculine Principle” in the glossary of the Science of Mind text as:
The Assertive Principle of Being. The self-Conscious, Self-Propelling Power of Spriit. The Projective Principle of life, impregnating the Universal Soul with Its ideas and concepts. The Self-Assertive Spirit in either God or humanity.
The masculine is the active Principle – the Giver. It is the Power behind all our intentions, behind all creation.
If we are stuck in financial distress, unsatisfying work, illness, or unfulfilling relationships, perhaps it is because we are afraid to use our Power. We settle for small lives. One of the biggest ah ha’s I ever had was realizing I was where I was in my life, because I was leaning heavily on the Feminine Principle, accepting my life as the way it was!
Here I was, filled with Divine Power and afraid to use it! Are you? It’s time to up our acceptance level! To really take a look at the Masculine Principle and accept It as the grounding point in our lives. At the very center of our Being is the Source of All things!
We are not powerless spectators of life. We are co-creators with The Divine, and within us is consciousness, the raw material we use to shape our world. The very matter we are made of is the fulfillment of a promise made to us by God’s words in the beginning: “Let there be light” Each of us is an expression of that Light – living energy. Dare to believe that you can live as fully and as prosperously as you can imagine, You are not just a part of the Great Cosmic Force, you ARE the Force.
The Masculine Principle encourages us to take ownership of our lives. You are created in the image and likeness of God. You have GodPower. The same Mind that thought up the Universe is within you. Celebrate Father’s Day this year by declaring Your Truth, knowing your power and being grateful for Life Itself!

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