There is Power in Disempowerment

There is Power in Disempowerment July 20, 2016

Do feel like you live from a place of power, meaning you feel empowered in your life, the decisions you make and the direction of your life? My friend and colleague, the well-known prosperity speaker and Unity minister, Rev. Edwene Gaines, introduces herself as a “woman of power.” That rubs some people the wrong way and Edwene couldn’t give a rat’s patooty about it.

It seems society teaches us to vie for power and then criticizes those who pursue it, particularly if that person is female, LGBTQ or non-white. But this is especially true for women of power. Men are extolled for their achievement of power, regardless of whether or not they use that power wisely or as a trump card for being a ruthless, uncaring and callous bully. But if women wield power they are considered ball-busting bitches. Yeah, I’m a feminist if you haven’t already gathered it. But I digress…Blog

The question is not about how inconsistent society is in the way it glorifies and at the same time disdains power. Victims of violent crimes, particularly rape and long-term abuse, are encouraged to take back their power. This process is not only cathartic, but also tremendously effective in advancing the healing process. This is one example of when the gaining and building of our power is life-giving and a positive action.

Here’s a question we can each ask ourselves:  Is there a time when we should let go of power to, in effect, disempower ourselves? Is there a place in this time of modern technology that allows us to be in control – empowered – in so many aspects of our life to simply be powerless? I believe there is and here’s how it looks.

Disempowering areas of our lives doesn’t mean we have given up or failed. Disempowerment is not about playing the victim or the martyr. What it IS about is choice. Have you allowed other people or society to decide for you where YOU need to be empowered? Do you notice if you have fallen into the media, advertising and marketing trap of needing the right car, perfect career, trophy mate or best clothes to feel empowered?

Nothing you see advertised – with VERY few exceptions – is being thrown at you with your best interests in mind. Rather, the push to buy, lease or otherwise obtain the stuff being puked up at us all over social and other media is to benefit the promoter of the items. That’s not to say manufacturers, artists and inventors shouldn’t be paid well for the products they produce. They should. It is, however, to say that we don’t need what they sell to achieve and enjoy the true power we seek.

Take some time this week to see where you’ve pushed for power or empowerment in areas of your life that leaves you with the sense of, “What in the hell am I doing this for?!?” Then, disempower THOSE actions and take back the power of choice in your own life to create a life truly worth living!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


Terry Drew Karanen © 2016

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