Step into the Mystery

Science of Mind begins with the premise that it is done unto us as we believe.  In the past, when I believed it was done unto me according to the vagaries of society, my family of birth, my educational status, or how much money I had, etc., I found experiencing joy and abundance entailed struggle and toil.  Without an understanding that my experience depended on growing my belief, I spent inordinate amounts of time attempting to change the effect of my life without ever experiencing anything different.  The result was struggle, pain, and effort, after years of which I began to feel hopeless and unfulfilled.  It was only when I discovered the Science of Mind teaching that I began to grow and discover a life of direction and fulfillment.  The longer I practice this, the more I understand it is all consciousness.

Consciousness – with a small “c” – means the sum total of my belief, both conscious and unconscious.  I once attended a class conducted by Dr. Raymond Charles Barker.  In it he referred to his method of dealing with “supposed” insurmountable issues.  It was his practice to start with an awakening affirmation, namely, “Barker, you need a new idea!” When faced with a desire for anything other than what I currently perceive, I am required to establish a new idea about who I am and what I want so I can move into receptivity for a new experience.  Once this is established, everything else shows up in order for me to embrace the new manifestation.

You cannot get any simpler than that.  The issue ceases to be, “How do I make the form fit me?” and moves to, “How do I make myself grow to fit the form?”  Though simple, I do not always find it easy.

William James stated, “A great many people think they are thinking, when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.”  A prejudice is a preconceived opinion.  Far too many times I have made the mistake of taking my preconceived opinions with me into my Spiritual Mind Treatment and inner contemplation.  I have approached the “supposed” insurmountable issue from the same foundation of thought that supported its existence in the first place.

To change unproductive behaviour, I am learning to surrender.  My spiritual practice begins with the conscious suspension of any opinion, regardless of whether I believe it supports my desired experience or not.  I am learning to willingly give up cynicism.  I joyfully affirm that anything is possible in the Infinite Mind.

If you are currently experiencing an insurmountable issue, whether it is a present-moment crisis or an ongoing unsatisfactory effect, I recommend you consciously suspend all opinion you have around it.  Accept that whatever you think you know about it is only a minute portion of what is really true.  Step back from it and say to yourself, “I need a new idea around this!”  Then, pay attention.  A new idea is always more that an old idea rearranged; however, to arrive at it, we must be consciously surrender what we think we know is true and step into the mystery.

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