Time for Some Teetotalling

The Tea Party seems to be on a bit of a bender lately that has the world learning more about the experience of what it means to be furloughed than perhaps it ever cared to know.

It’s an interesting reflection of what happens when an agenda takes over and results in ripple effects that move outwards affecting – in this case – hundreds of thousands of people.

Whether you agree with President Obama’s health care plan or not, the facts before everyone is that in order for the wheels of government to move forward, a budget must be passed. Insert a faction within the Republican Party, and now because of fear of the unknown everything has ground to a halt.

There is a spiritual principle at stake here, only sometimes it’s hard to see in the midst of all the posturing that so often takes place within politics.

Think of it like a family. While there may be individuals, there needs to be a consensus built on what the objective is in order for the family to work together. When a family is functional, there is an ebb and flow of special interests, things get done, and food and shelter are taken care of.

But it’s equally true that families – like Washington today – can experience stagnation. And that’s when it’s more important than ever to set aside individual agendas and re-examine the over-all purpose.

What is our intention? What does this country – or any country for that matter – want for its citizens? In North America, it’s to have freedom of choice – freedom to make both good and bad decisions, yes. But also, freedom to achieve great things – and that is far more likely to occur in circumstances where basic needs are already met.

What I’m not hearing is the voice of compassion. What would Jesus do? Buddha do? Ghandi do? Maybe a trip to Damascus is in order. Only make it short. There’s work to do.

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